What Started as a Dairy Production Became a Bazooka Dealer

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Aggressive Work Ethic Drives Company to New Areas

All of our dealers at Bazooka Farmstar have different stories of who they are and what makes their business go. Some are long-lasting companies with decades of experience while others are still dipping their boots in the industry.

Obstacles are oftentimes in the way when a company wants to grow in their market. For Marloo Equipment out of St. Louis, Michigan, an ocean was the only thing separating them from their business growth.

Who is Marloo Equipment? 

Leon and Marleen Van Loon started their dairy production in Belgium in 1980. Restrictions and regulations limited their growth, but that didn’t stop them from exploring different possibilities to achieve the success they desired for their business. While they were able to overcome the restrictions for the time being and production continued to grow, it wasn’t long before they once again found they had reached their ceiling. 

It wasn’t due to typical business obstacles like finances, workforce, or even market value. It was the regulations in Belgium that were ultimately to blame for hindering their growth.

It was around this same time that Leon read an article about a farmer who had made the move from Belgium to the U.S. because the regulations were not as strict there. He knew this could be the answer to their obstacles but needed more information. So in 1990, he took a trip to America with one goal in mind - to explore the opportunities of dairy farming in the country.

The trip ultimately proved to Leon there were many opportunities for growth in America. After much planning, his family sold their Belgium dairy farm in 2001 and came to America. 

What Marloo Offers 

Having been settled in the U.S. for a couple of decades now, they are an established business that has continued to grow. What started as a dairy production has expanded into much more.

In 2009, Marloo Equipment became an official equipment reseller and service provider. They started by importing and selling Peecon mixers.

Marloo Equipment's logo

Innovation has always been at the forefront of their business. They are focused on being more efficient and reducing man-hours needed on a job. That drive led them to create their VLM frame for their hay mowers. This state-of-the-art development helped them become the U.S.-wide distributor of hay harvesting machinery. Their VLM frames come with SIP harvesting technology. As of 2016, they were the makers of the world’s largest towable hay mower.

In 2017, the Schuitemaker line-up was added. Dairy operations started doing green chop feeding, so Marloo answered their call. This addition eventually brought a unique grassland manure toolbar along.

“Providing the best customer service was always of high importance to Leon, which is why Marloo has an extensive parts inventory when customers need it most,” a tagline found on their business website.

When they added manure handling to their business operations, that is when we came into the picture. As a Bazooka dealer, they help us showcase our equipment to different regions of the country. Our partnership allows for area experts to work with applicators and producers in a part of the country they are familiar with. They will be with their customers long after the purchase.

History with Bazooka 

Marloo Equipment never expands its equipment offering without fully understanding the brand and making sure it is one that they themselves would use for their own operation. They researched a few brands before coming across Bazooka Farmstar’s equipment

“We only use equipment that we think is good,” Gert Van Loon, Leon's son, said. “We are not going to push a product if we do not believe in it.”

Marloo recently joined our dealer network, but Gert thought the partnership would be a good fit for both sides. 

“It is easy to make the first sale,” Gert said. “The second sale is the determining factor. We actually do the work our applicators do, so we know what works and what doesn’t.”

Moving Forward 

Marloo has been built from the ground up, exploring different routes along the way. Like many manure handlers, Marloo started from scratch and learned as time went on.

Our partnership will help both companies continue to grow in the best interest of the customer. Both sides want to be innovative, open-minded, and continue to drive the industry forward. We stand behind our products and we know Marloo will too.

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