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The NEW Quick Attach Series is the cost-effective solution to manure management.

Manure injection can be an expensive venture to pursue, no matter the quality or size of your equipment. Resorting back to (or continuing on the path of) the less expensive, surface application method can be tempting, especially in areas where environmental regulations are lax. With an ever-changing regulatory climate and a push from consumers and policymakers for a more sustainable food system, new regulations could limit how manure is managed across the country.

PRO-TIP: We suggest getting ahead of the mandates.

Applicators and farmers alike, need to seek more responsible means of manure management (again, especially within the more lax regions we've mentioned). Manure injection reaps many proven benefits including odor and nutrient loss reduction, which are two short comings of surface application. These factors alone, align with the requirements arising at the state and local level for manure management.

If only there were a cost-effective and convenient solution that could make the entrance into or transition from surface application to manure injection more feasible for custom applicators and farmers alike...insert the Quick Attach Series here

Our latest product line, the Quick Attach Series, is a practical manure injection entry (or expansion) solution. It is designed to meet the needs of end-users in various stages of their manure management journey. Its versatile design makes the Quick Attach Series a system that can get the job done efficiently and effectively for operations of all shapes and sizes.



  • You're a custom manure applicator who owns a small tank and/or dragline operation [injection or broadcast] looking to diversify your business offerings with your bottom line front-of-mind.

  • You're a farmer who can no longer wait on your custom manure applicator to get to your farm, and you're working with a strict budget to relieve this pain.


The Quick Attach Series is offered in the following application configurations:

    - Full [Tank and Dragline components]

    - Tank only

    - Dragline only

Having the flexibility to begin with tank or dragline only, makes expansion in the future as simple as adding components of the QA Series that are compatible with the differing application method.



Congratulations, you've decided on your ideal application set-up. Now, let's talk about what type of ground you want to cover. The bar component of the QA Series is the same build and has the same models we offer within our Ground Tracker Series tank bar line, without the swivel (tracker) feature. Bar widths available are as follows:

    - 16' coverage width 

    - 20' coverage width 

    - 25' coverage width 

And just like that, it's time to pair your bar width with spacing that fits your operation's goals.


    - 8 units on 24"

    - 8 units on 30"

    - 10 units on 24"

    - 10 units on 30"

Last configuration decision, we promise.


    - 4.5° Phantom units
   - 6° Phantom units


The QA Series bars come equipped with our anti-clog, Flux Manifold and lift handle. Did we mention this is the first time we've equipped a tank bar with a Flux Manifold? #Gamechanger



Not convinced the Quick Attach Series can be attached (and detached) quickly? We've put together a short, 3.5-minute "how-to" video to demonstrate just how quickly and easily the bar can be transformed from a tank to dragline set-up.


SO, this is where we will leave you.


If you've made it this far down the page, you understand the investment that comes with injecting liquid manure, but you also understand the benefits like odor reduction, increased crop yields, reduced commercial inputs, happy neighbors, etc. Even with these proven benefits, it can take a bit of convincing for stakeholders to buy into what we (and other industry leaders) stand behind. 

To state the obvious, wherever there is livestock, there is manure and it will always work that way. (Yes, even if we have another year like 2020 has panned out to be.) While it is a waste product of livestock, it doesn't have to be a waste.

Take it from somebody consumed in the numbers and the research, Glen Arnold. Arnold is an Associate Professor and Field Specialist in Manure Nutrient Management at Ohio State, and has worked with farmers throughout the region to test the effect of manure injection using both tank and dragline systems. 

Here's a Summary of Arnold's Latest Findings: 

- Over 6 years of trials, incorporated swine manure yielded an average of 17.4 bushels per acre more than 28% UAN. (Commercial fertilizer)

- The manure injection application also revealed ample amounts of phosphorus and potash, in addition to nitrogen, for the current corn crop and soybean crop for the following season.

Studies have continued to entertain results, that reiterate the theory that manure injection helps meet the nutritional needs of crops while reducing environmental impact. 


Using our return on investment calculator, you will be able to determine the ROI of a manure injection system for your specific situation, and approximately how long it will take to see that ROI. This calculator helps determine what equipment makes financial sense for your business (or not). Our team has said it once, and we will say it again, control your own destiny and get ahead of the mandates.