All Good Things Come to an End

Posted by Luke Maiers on

One Final Showing of Our New Equipment and Products

Our seventh and final Unveiling event wrapped up last Thursday. Over the last seven weeks, Bazooka Farmstar has been opening their doors to show its dealers and customers new products and enhancements that our engineers have spent months working on.

Z’s Catering and BBQ supplied all the meals over this nearly two month stretch. Early mornings, wintery weather - they helped us put these events on. A pork chop sandwich lunch with all the fixings was on the menu last week. Managing Partner Eric Hahn welcomed the guests and gave a quick rundown on Bazooka Farmstar's history as well as how the company has gotten to the point where they are today. Then, he led them to our equipment and the engineers took it from there.

“I came to check out the updates for what Bazooka has on the Titan Bar,” Matt Folsom, attendee, said. “We wanted to see the new, heavier bar. We are just taking it all in.”

Throughout this series of events, we have welcomed in smaller groups of people due to COVID guidelines. However, fewer people allowed for more conversation between Bazooka experts and for more questions to be asked.

Eric Hahn addresses the crowd

“Small groups are good because then you can actually talk to people,” Folsom said. “You actually get to interact with the people you want.”

2020 canceled almost every live show we planned on going to. These Unveilings allow us to better understand the end user's problems and pain points so we can come up with the next thing to resolve it.

“I think that everyone was able to take something away and that is exactly what we wanted,” Kendra Ellis, marketing manager, said.

Bazooka engineers sit and take in the presentation

No one knows for sure what the future holds. Live, in-person events may officially be a thing of the past, but the marketing team at Bazooka is ready to plan more events like the Unveiling. We will keep moving forward with our equipment and we will always want to showcase it.

“We definitely plan to recreate events like these in the future,” Ellis said. “Potentially this summer with our LTS event. Certainly in the future, we will continue to do this Unveiling.”

In case you could not attend and want a little taste of what we were showing off, watch the video for more. For everything else Bazooka Farmstar related, visit our BLOG to stay up to date.