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Here's What is in Store for the Titan Series Toolbar in 2021.There are a lot of words and phrases we could use to describe the year 2020, but we will leave it at challenging and uncertain. Typically, those two words hold a negative connotation, but what's encouraging about any situation life throws, is that the way it pans out is controlled by our attitudes 80% of the time.

We've taken the initiative to approach these far-from-normal times as an opportunity to reflect on our business and how we can continue to improve our current product (and service) offerings. We've done this to accommodate our customers who are potentially experiencing those same challenges and feelings of uncertainty and give them something to be excited about. You've seen this in action over the last several months with the recent releases of the Phantom Edge Series injection units, the Hose Hustler Series, and the 60' Top Kick Hay Bar.

Now, we are here to highlight some of the innovations the Titan Series Toolbar has undergone since its official release to the market six years ago. Spoiler alert, the new and improved Titan Series Toolbar reflects a slightly smaller version of the Titan 2 Toolbar


Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, we asked a handful of end-users the first thing that comes to mind when they think Titan Series. Their responses boiled down to two things:

  1. The clean, smooth turnaround the toolbar consistently completes at the end of each pass. 
  2. The convenience factor of a narrow, front-fold design from a job site transport standpoint. 

PERFECT. We've nailed it. No room for improvement in those two areas (or anywhere else throughout the industry-leading toolbar on that matter), right? WRONG. 

Here's what you can expect in 2021.


Titan 2 had a solid first trip around the sun with positive reviews from end-users across the nation. One of the most obvious changes that took place from the original Titan design to Titan 2, was the placement of the toolbar tower. The intention for the updated placement (further forward and more closely aligned with the center section flotation tires) was to make the turnaround at the end of each pass even smoother than it already was, by reducing the resistance on the toolbar as it 'corners.' Turns out (see what we did there), it worked.

IMG_0721-2-1-1-1Pictured above - Titan Series 2 turning around at the end of the field.

Why not provide that same, newly discovered advantage to all Titan users regardless of the version they aspire to own? Good question. We didn't see a reason not to make our customers' lives easier if we had the opportunity, which is why all Titan Series Toolbars moving forward will come equipped with the new tower placement. 


Let's break for a quick performance review: Josh Hesseltine, of Magnum Custom Enterprises, has pulled a Titan Series Toolbar for the last four manure application seasons. His crew was the first to get their hands on the 2021 version of Titan, giving it 5-gold stars right out of the gate. "Turning was never an issue with my previous toolbar, but with the updates, I don't have to make a teardrop turn at the end of the field anymore and I can cut a tighter corner without leaving a 'pie' on the end row."

Another crew member on-site mentioned, "The swing-arm doesn't hit the stop until the tractor heads straight back down the field out-of-the turn, which is very encouraging to see."


Seeing is believing. Check it out.




In addition to improving turnarounds, the tower reposition and design have allowed additional progressions to take place.

Hose routing from the manifold across the toolbar is something we will admit we've struggled with in the past, but with the tower redesign, we've been able to smarten up the routing of the bumblebee hoses. Why should you care? Smarter hose routing minimizes the likelihood of kinking issues, provides better flow and distribution through the toolbar and adds a level of aesthetic (that, let's be honest) end-users value.

The Krohne flowmeter (6" comes standard) has been relocated and incorporated into the lower plumbing, again, as a result of the updated tower. The original flowmeter placement was not a negative or faulty thing, but by incorporating the flowmeter into the plumbing, it is better protected from any (unlikely) flexing that could occur on the swing arm.

Flowmeter Placement_2


Moving down the toolbar, the Titan Series now comes standard with our 6" Flux manifold and complimentary spring-loaded manifold lift-assist handle for more convenient access. We already know what you're thinking. #Gamechanger 

Here's a quick run-down of the Flux technology if you're not familiar.

  • The V-style 'bowl' design allows trash to separate and fall into the bottom of the manifold to avoid trash build-up and clogging. Chalk this feature up as a time-saver.
  • The Flux manifold has a hydraulic gate valve to flush trash on-the-go, reducing the number of times the applicator must stop throughout an application. Back at it again with the time-savings.

New to the 2021 edition is the option to equip your Titan with a manifold clog indicator light that allows operators to quickly identify and clear obstructions in the manifold. 

Flux Manifold & Lift AssistFlux manifold with manifold lift-assist handle. The new standard.


The Phantom Edge Series we recently released as part of our existing product line improvement initiative is compatible with the new standard Titan Toolbar design. The Phantom Edge Series extension may have become official one short month ago, but we believe the marketplace is going to be extremely receptive to this new high rate solution and the unit's ability to penetrate hard and slightly frozen ground conditions. 


Despite the various design improvements we've outlined, one thing that remains constant is the narrow travel width the Titan Series product line is prided on. Bazooka Farmstar was the first to the party from a front-folding, manure injection toolbar standpoint. The driving factor behind the innovative design was to address the narrow roadways and field entrances end-users face daily and equip them with a convenient and narrow means of transport to each job site.

OK, we may have fibbed on the 'one thing constant' comment. If you look closely at the swing arm stops toward the front of the toolbar, you will notice the left swing arm stop hinges to accommodate narrow travel width and better align the swing arm with the center of the toolbar. On a safety housekeeping note, the swing arm has a security chain that ensures the swing arm stays securely in place throughout transport, so no damage takes place when transitioning between jobs.

Travel Mode_2

The Titan Series has set the market expectation for manure injection toolbars, and we are making a deliberate effort to continue to deliver innovations that maximize the high expectations customers have put in place. We pride ourselves in knowing we can craft a custom solution that fits the goals and diverse environments of a broad base of consumers. The innovations we've highlighted today, plus having the largest number of toolbar configurations (widths, unit spacing options, number and type of units, etc.) in the marketplace, reinforce our commitment to our customers, their expectations and the land they work on.

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