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ICYMI: We've Introduced an Agitation Product Category to our Line-Up.

Posted by Sydney Greiner on
With Plans to Add more to the Mix. (See What We Did There?)  In case you missed it, Bazooka Farmstar has recently rolled out an agitation product line-up[…]

Measuring Pressure from a Distance.

Posted by Melanie Bennett on
Introducing the Digital Pressure Monitoring System.

10/10 Would Recommend the Wolverine Series.

Posted by Sydney Greiner on
The Proof is in the Performance. Traditionally, a pump and nozzle-based design have been the holy grail of an agitation job well done, but we've been hard[…]

Meet with Engineers to See What's Coming Down the Line

Posted by Luke Maiers on
Spring Will Be Here Before You Know It, Get Prepared Now In case you haven't heard, on Jan. 14 we kicked off The Unveiling, an exclusive event for you to[…]

Are you Ready for This? [Cue the Space Jam Theme Song.]

Posted by Sydney Greiner on
Here's What is in Store for the Titan Series Toolbar in 2021.

The Competitive EDGE.

Posted by Sydney Greiner on
Proud Parent Moment - Welcome the Next Generation, Phantom Edge Series. 

Bazooka Farmstar's Titan Series of Top Kick Hay Bars - If you're More Familiar with King Ranch, Consider it the King Ranch of its Kind.

Posted by Sydney Greiner on
The Line-Up has Expanded - Say Hello to the 60'er. The Top Kick Hay Bar just got tougher and it just got wider, with the recent introduction of the 60 ft.[…]

Feast your eyes on our New(ish) Hose Hustler Line-Up

Posted by Sydney Greiner on
Don't be Alarmed! We've Just Restructured - It was a Natural Progression.

Versatility and Convenience Packed Into One

Posted by Creigh Rourke on
The NEW Quick Attach Series is the cost-effective solution to manure management.

Same Toolbar, Different Name

Posted by Creigh Rourke on
  Bazooka Farmstar changed the name of their Phantom Toolbar per customer feedback. Washington, Iowa – 6/24/2020 – Bazooka Farmstar recently announced it[…]