Pushing Innovation Forward for Over Eight Decades

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Lending a Helping Hand Leads to Years of Success for Stutsman

Here at Bazooka Farmstar, business has been booming over the last decade. We have seen huge growth and become a mainstay in the industry. While our team has led the charge, our nationwide dealer network has helped immensely along the way.

These companies don’t usually get the credit they deserve, so we have been highlighting our partners over the last couple of months.

Eldon C. Stutsman Inc. out of Hills, Iowa, has played a huge role in Bazooka’s expansion. Having a stake in the company, they want to see us continue to blossom and succeed as well. But their history runs back long before Bazooka Farmstar ever came into existence.

Who is Stutsmans? 

What started out as a simple milk route for Eldon C. Stutsman in 1934 quickly turned into something much bigger. Trips to town weren’t always a possibility back then, so some of Eldon’s neighbors began requesting he bring supplies back when he would go do his route. As a farmer himself, he had no problem helping others in the area. Slowly, more and more requests came in, and thus, a company was born.

Over the next couple of decades, they continued diversifying the business. They transitioned from a feed retailer to a distributor in the 1950s, added agronomy products and services in the 1960s, and moved into manure handling in the 1970s. Jump ahead to 2021, Stutsman now employs around 200 people and has nine divisions in the company.

What Stutsman Offers 

Leaders at Stutsman have worked at diversifying the business over the years so they can provide many solutions in the agriculture industry. They are your go-to for your operation needs. They sell new and used Bazooka Farmstar equipment, have agronomy experts on staff, can help with logistical issues, and offer grain handling and storage equipment. If you need it, they offer it. Being in nine different divisions of the industry, they take the term ‘expert’ to a whole new level. And if you think they are spread too thin, think again. Each division of the business has a dedicated team ready to tackle your project.

Stutsman doing a demo for a Bazooka hose reel

Photo from Stutsman's Facebook

This is one way they have achieved success in the market. Their employees love and are dedicated to what they do.

Through our partnership, Stutsman helps showcase a little bit of everything we make. Need a hose reel? Done. Interested in a manure injection toolbar? No problem. Anything from A to Z, they will help whether you are a veteran manure handler or just getting started.

“We enjoy working with Bazooka because of their commitment to new and innovative products. They continue to expand the portfolio of American/Iowa-made solutions for the commercial and private applicators,” Sam Smith, an outside sales representative at Stutsman, said.

History with Bazooka 

They were our first and remain one of the largest dealers in our nationwide network since taking ownership of Bazooka Farmstar in the 1990s. With their decades of experience in manure management, we were the perfect fit.

“They (Bazooka) are still flexible enough to custom build/modify for a customer’s specific needs,” Smith said. “The proximity we have to each other makes it easy when we need parts, and it also benefits us when one of our customers has a situation.”

Smith is one of the many talented manure equipment salesmen Stutsman has on staff. He has been in the agriculture industry for over 20 years professionally, so he knows what he is talking about.

Stutsman and Bazooka share similar goals. They want to be innovative and forward-thinking while also offering quality products and top-of-the-line support after the sale. Dedication to our end-users is something we both take seriously.

Moving Forward 

Stutsman recognizes that dragline systems are becoming the way to do things, and their team is prepared for whatever the customer may need next. They have seen changes and embraced them, which has taken them from the milk route of one man to Eastern Iowa’s largest supplier of agriculture products.

This series will highlight a different Bazooka Farmstar dealer every month. Stay up to date with everything Bazooka by reading our blog.