Snow Storm Doesn’t Slow Down Unveilings

Posted by Luke Maiers on

New Products were Released and the Show Went On.

Mother Nature did her best to throw us off track, but we still managed to get in our Unveiling this past Thursday. Customers and dealers traveled from Indiana and Ohio and raced the winter storm to get an exclusive look at what we have been waiting to show off.

We were up and at it early to welcome all the attendees to Bazooka. Z’s Catering and BBQ provided breakfast for everyone, and the show got underway.

A quick rundown of Bazooka Farmstar’s history told by Managing Partner Eric Hahn got the ball rolling and then it was time to reveal our products to our guests.

“It is just nice to see all of these new projects,” Ryan Ramey, territory equipment specialist, said. “The ones we are unveiling for this year and the revamped updates of the older products. There was some really good conversation by our group that came to visit today.”

In total, we have seven new products or improvements that we are unveiling. Some of our more tenured equipment has had work done to it, but our engineers have been working months on something much bigger.

“We already have some of this equipment on order,” Michael Zimmerman, attendee, said, “so I was kind of excited to see it. I’ve seen the big product at a demo in Michigan, and it is very impressive. I’ll have to put that on the wish list. If others have the time to come and check it out, they should.”

Guests listen to a presentation

Part of our business is learning and adapting. How can we make things more efficient and effective? We think these improvements reflect that. 

“Our new equipment is going to help push the industry standard,” Eric Hahn, managing partner, said. “We think it will make our customers more profitable, and that they will want to own it when they see it in action.”

This has been our biggest product launch since the Titan Bar was released in 2016. Countless hours have been spent making this equipment the best it can be.

“We are showing that we are listening to our customers and building what they need to make their businesses more successful,” Hahn said.

Only three weeks remain of our Unveilings. We are holding an event every Thursday through February with limited spots. If you want to take a peek at what we have been cooking up, sign up for a spot HERE.