Selfie Stories: Linsey Turner

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Numbers are Nothing for This All-Star GAMECHANGER.


It is hard to find people who are passionate about numbers. To most, they are bland, boring, and dull. They are like watching paint dry or grass grow - real fun stuff. Luckily for Bazooka, Linsey Turner opened her arms, embraced them, and became another valuable GAMECHANGER on our team three years ago. She isn’t intimidated and deals with them every day as our accounting clerk.

Marketing guru and friend of Linsey, Sydney Greiner had hit the recruiting trail a few years back and told her of an open position with Bazooka. Without hesitation, she got her ducks in a line and applied for a position. An interview followed and an offer was extended. For Linsey this was a slam dunk decision for her. She quickly jumped into the family.

Immediately, she felt the close-knit atmosphere and knew the right decision was made. She now lives her everyday life like every worker here. Everyone has the same mindset about what we are working towards. Being on the same page makes everything easier! She is also friends with a lot of her co-workers which makes her life much more enjoyable.

She shows up to work ready to take on another day every morning, and she Bleeds Bazooka. Linsey is a key contributor to the finance side of the Bazooka world as she invoices customers, issues statements, and deals with everything else money related daily. The end of the months and years are her busy time, and her dedication drives her during these hectic periods. But, Linsey cares about what she does, so she is happy to do it.

She and her co-workers find plenty of time outside of the office to relax after Bringing It all day. They go to Mi Pueblo Real for chips and salsa, enjoy road trips, and take trips to Nashville (or in Linsey’s case, nine trips).

She made a risky career jump a few years ago, and it paid off for her in a BIG way. Are you ready to make that jump?

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