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"Doing What We Have To" Mentality Makes Bazooka Different.


Who likes being told what to do at work and be limited to that? Absolutely no one. That leads to a miserable lifestyle and can take a toll on a person. Here at Bazooka, we offer just the opposite...FREEDOM!

That is exactly what drove Brady Stauffer to us in March of last year. He had filled a role in Iowa City at a huge company, needed a change in scenery, wanted to quit being restricted, and ended up finding somewhere he could grow.

Eight months later, Brady is a strategic buyer with Bazooka and he Brings It day-after-day at his job. The attitude that all the employees do what they have to is one reason why he likes the Bring It core value. One of his main responsibilities with his position is to deal with cost savings. If you don’t have to spend as much money as a company, why would you?

“If I was told to sweep a broom for eight hours, that is what I’d do. Whatever needs to be done, we help.”

It’s hard to believe some businesses don’t have any core values or structure. These make Bazooka stand out. Us employees don’t just use these at work, we live them in our everyday lives. It is the spark to our fire.

Brady noticed one big difference between Bazooka and bigger companies is that there are no politics here. We do what we do for the good of the customer. Politics muddles and complicates everything. No need for nonsense.

Brady went looking for freedom and he found it. Will you do the same?

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