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Small-Town Iowa Man Takes His Shot and Joins the Bazooka Family


What’s up, everyone? My name is Luke Maiers and I am one of the shiny, new employees at Bazooka Farmstar. Over the next little while, we are going to be dropping more than 30 “Selfie Stories” which will be highlighting the many elite GAMECHANGERS that are part of the Bazooka family.

A quick little background on myself. I’m from a real small town in eastern Iowa called Holy Cross. I have always joked that I’m not good at a lot of stuff, but I can write a mean sentence and understand the English language pretty well. This skill led me to St. Ambrose University where I majored in journalism and radio/tv production.

I met some phenomenal people there, and one of them is how I hooked onto this content creator position with Bazooka. One night a few months ago, I saw a post on my friend and now co-worker, Sydney Greiner’s, Facebook wall. I wasn’t going to message her, but I took the shot anyway. It’s a good thing I did! (Always shoot your shot!)

The moment I started interacting through email with the marketing manager, I knew I had to get in the front door. A few phone calls and one in-person interview later, I nailed the process. My killer personality, charm, and resume did all the heavy lifting for me.

Bazooka was an intriguing business, but, full disclosure, I don’t know sh*t (eh, see what I did there) about the manure injecting process, but I’m ready to learn and help take this company to new heights.

When employees say there is a ‘family feel’ within a business, most of the time it is smoke and mirrors. Not Bazooka. When I came for the in-person interview, I had zero doubt in my mind that this was where I wanted to be. You can feel the closeness and family culture. No smoke and mirrors here. The people genuinely care.

I’m excited to bring forward the many stories over the next couple of weeks of the amazing co-workers I have!

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