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Marketing Wizard Helps Take Bazooka Farmstar to the Next Level.

This week, I had the chance to catch up with Sydney Greiner, product marketer at Bazooka. While she graduated from St. Ambrose with a marketing degree, she’s taken her role to new heights. She started her journey as an intern when her mom tagged her on a social media post about the open role. Ironic? We like to call it fate.

Having grown up in agriculture, Sydney hit the ground running. She was empowered to take the brand to new heights. And that’s exactly what she did. During that time, she did everything from creating a presence on social media to producing (self-taught) those bada$$ videos you see today. Why you might ask? Well because Sydney Brings It and "Bleeds Bazooka.” She also attributes it to having access to the leaders she needed to be successful and the ability to run with it.

Fast-forward five years, she continues to reach new heights at Bazooka. As the veteran marketer at Bazooka, her primary focus is now on product launches. Most of the time, her day-to-day includes researching products, helping the sales team, and continuing to lead the social media growth plan for the company. Those are just a few of her activities, she also gets the opportunity to dive into other areas that keep her both challenged and inspired.

She loves the work she does and the people she works with. If she had to do the same thing every day, she said she would go crazy. There is also a nice work-life balance. With the majority of her co-workers living in the same area it allows for after work activities.

Sydney grew up in Washington and came back after college. While that wasn’t in her plans originally, the opportunity at Bazooka as well as close friends and family has kept Sydney in the area. Sydney still plans to explore different parts of the country and has already taken trips including a weeklong hiking trip to Utah recently and a nine-day expedition to Greece.

Growing up, Sydney’s dream was to play for the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA. That dream has since changed into new ones. However, she still enjoys a killer boot camp or teaching spin at the YMCA in Washington, a discounted perk for Bazooka employees. This adventurous, athletic, Bazooka employee enjoys what she does and even rewards herself on occasion with a little ice cream after a long day at work. 

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