Selfie Stories: Ron Boshart

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Delivering Value is What This GAMECHANGER Does.


Captain Kirk from the show Star Trek wanted to explore new civilizations and go where no man had gone before. Ron Boshart, a buyer in the purchasing department at Bazooka, wanted to be like him when he was growing up - to wander and be adventurous.

In his adult life, he has done that by exploring Disney World, taking trips out west to see the Pacific Ocean, and being to nature-filled states like Colorado, Montana, and South Dakota.

Another adventure fell into his lap three years ago as he started a new career with Bazooka Farmstar. After 38 years, his previous workplace closed its facility. He shot an application over to Stutsman’s and they redirected him to Bazooka. Part-time employment was in the cards for him until a full-time opportunity came up as a buyer. Now, he works with a challenging, fast-paced company daily.

Ron is greeted by a warm ‘Good morning’ each workday from our lovely administrative assistant, Linda Quigley, before chipping away at his stack of emails. That’s followed by a meeting to review orders, checking inventory, and discussing with workers and engineers about what is needed. He said that standing still is not an option and that is how he Brings It every day.

The goal for us is to deliver value to customer service, to our products, and to our work environment. Day-in and day-out, we hustle. We have great leaders that work with us and keep us on a steady schedule. Ron even gave his boss, Brian Nielsen, a shoutout. He is one of the many people that help make Bazooka a unique place to work.

This adventurous soul took the opportunity to be part of our team when it came up, and he has been a key Gamechanger since. Do you want your value to be appreciated? Then you better check out our site and see what is open!

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