Selfie Stories: Phil Minino

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Creative Minds Produce the Best Equipment for Bazooka.


What are some key details you envision about your dream job? I’m sure you want to be restricted, dictated, and limited. Just kidding, I know that isn’t what anyone wants. You want to have a sense of self-control with the ability to be creative.

Eight years ago, Phil Minino took that chance. He joined the Bazooka family and led the charge on creating the engineering department. The potential to do something big in the early stages drew him in, and he has only hit it out of the park ever since.

Now, Phil is the director of engineering and product development and overlooks an entire staff of brilliant engineers. Not just anyone can possess this great gift of being able to see something in their head and use creativity to bring it to life. Without our creative wizards producing these sparks of ideas, there is a chance Bazooka would be stuck with me trying to do engineering. I can barely draw an even circle, let alone new ideas for manure injection equipment. We would go broke.

Bazooka allows its employees to be responsible for themselves which makes for a great work environment. Everyone can be as creative as they want in their area. If I want to be the Bob Ross of the marketing department, then I can do it!

Growth of your skills is not just an option, it is encouraged by Bazooka management. The only thing he said each person has to do is hold themselves accountable, take ownership of their work, and be willing to learn.

Problems and mistakes will come up and knock you down. Just stand up, dust yourself off, throw a haymaker right back, and show those issues what’s up. It’s a fluid process and life wasn’t meant to be easy.

Phil is one of the originals at Bazooka, and he has seen the business grow with many new faces coming in over the years. I’m sure he’d love to see your’s daily as well.

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