Selfie Stories: Noel Bright

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Onwards and Upwards, We Continue to Go.


Are you looking for a job with the same, repetitive assembly line mentality? Well let me tell you, Bazooka is the absolute wrong place to work if that is what you want. But, if you are looking for a high energy atmosphere with a chance to build on your skills, then we can help you there!

Noel Bright joined our team four years ago after Modine closed down. He joined us shortly after and quickly learned that our plant was NOT like normal assembly lines. Starting as a regular laborer with Bazooka, he shot up the ranks and was named a lead after only two years. He didn’t stop there and continued to rise. He is currently the final assembly production supervisor.

We don’t get stuck in one position. We have the opportunity to further our skills and grow. Bazooka wants to see their employees prosper just as much as their bottom line.

Only knowing three people at the time of his hire, Noel found that all his co-workers work as a team and are easy to get along with. A common phrase around the buildings is ‘We win together. We lose together.’ Truer words have never been spoken.

The company runs with a Bigger Than Us mindset. Higher-ups understand that the work we do is important, but that our home lives are important as well. This keeps everyone happy, including Noel who enjoys the family time he has.

Over the last decade, Bazooka has grown like you wouldn’t believe, and a lot of the credit should go towards the core values we have that each employee lives by. If we all Bleed Bazooka, Be Safe, and Bring It, we simply can’t lose. One common goal fuels our fire.

For Noel, this has turned into a family affair with one of his sons joining our team recently. A great atmosphere, solid work/life balance, and core values ignite us - what is there not to love?

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