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Her Deep Care for Customers is What Brought Morgan Redlinger to Bazooka Farmstar.

Sitting down with Morgan Redlinger, Dealer Marketing Coordinator at Bazooka Farmstar, I quickly learned how she Bleeds Bazooka and Brings It every day. She has adapted to different situations and roles as the company grows. This is not a gift that everyone is blessed with.

For the last three years, she has been part of the Bazooka family. In a previous position, she started to feel the company care less about their clients. This fueled her change. When Bazooka welcomed her in the customer service department, she immediately saw the difference. Shortly after her arrival, the company started to grow, and more marketing help was needed. Morgan took up the challenge and switched roles based on her background in graphic design. That is where she is today, but with a little more structure and strategy in the marketing department, she is now the Dealer Marketing Coordinator. She works directly with the dealers in the Bazooka network.

Her day-to-day constantly changes with the needs of her customers. The biggest reasons she loves being a part of the Bazooka family is her co-workers and the family orientated feel. She also told me she enjoys building a sense of trust with Bazooka’s dealers and customers.

Morgan grew up in Cedar Rapids and went to Xavier High School. There, she was part of some good soccer teams. Following high school, Morgan traded her silver and blue jersey for a black and gold one and became a member of the University of Iowa soccer team.

Since soccer was a big part of Morgan’s life, she knows what being part of a team is like. At Bazooka, she experiences this day-in and day-out. Multiple moving pieces are constantly coming together to work towards a common goal.

Her husband and herself recently moved to Washington from North Liberty because of family, friends, and plans to make a life-long home at Bazooka.

While not at work, she indulges in chips, salsa, and queso and enjoys playing card games. But, at the end of the workday, she is happy to be with a company that cares about its clients, offers something new every day, and wants to see their employees grow.

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