Selfie Stories: Jeremy Vittetoe

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Opportunity Came Knocking, so Jeremy Vittetoe Answered.


A two-hour, roundtrip commute five days a week can take a toll on a man. Jeremy Vittetoe did just that for a while. He traveled back and forth working as an engineer for John Deere, but living in Washington, he wanted to find something closer to home.

Phil Minino, director of engineering at Bazooka, came knocking with an opportunity for Jeremy...a job. He jumped at the chance to put on his steel-toed boots, grabbed his safety glasses, and got to work.

Almost one year later, he is helping push the Bazooka brand forward with the latest and greatest equipment. One of Bazooka’s core values is "Bring It.” He and the other engineers do just that every day with their vast knowledge of the equipment and agriculture industry as a whole. Their ability to imagine and bring to life is what drives Bazooka - making sure every square inch of the equipment is accounted for.

“Being a smaller company, you get the opportunity to not get lost in the manufacturing process. Seeing a project roll from the idea, to the floor, to completion is an exciting aspect of Bazooka that isn’t an option with the bigger manufacturers.”

For quite some time, Jeremy knew being an engineer was what he wanted to do with his life. He just had to find the right culture fit. Now, he, his wife, and their three kids have all they want. With Jeremy working closer to home, he has the opportunity to do stuff like go to state parks with his family and not miss after school activities. A solid work-life balance allowed by Bazooka makes all the difference. It can make the difference for you too.

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