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"Call of Service to Clients" is What Drives Eric Harvey to Work.

When you think of who you spend the majority of your time with, who do you think of? You’re family - probably. Eric Harvey, capital project manager at Bazooka Farmstar, told me otherwise last week. Instead, he gave a shout out to his co-workers. But it isn’t all business when it comes to the times he has had with them.

An occasional  soda or two is shared between co-workers outside of the office, but Eric views them in a different light. The reason he enjoys waking up and hauling it to work every day is simple. He loves the people he works with.

Before jumping on board three years ago, he filled a position in Burlington and also worked for Modine Manufacturing. Those businesses, like most, said they had a “family-like culture”, but that just wasn’t the truth.

“They (Bazooka employees) will do anything to help, even if it is outside of work. Everywhere else I have been has had a corporate feel. Not Bazooka.”

Since his arrival, he has flocked around and had a few different roles, but Bazooka offers that opportunity to fill a position, try new things, and switch around every now-and-then.

The core values that make Bazooka unique are what fuels the drive of all the employees. For Eric, Bring It and Bleed Bazooka are two that hit close to home. The focus of any company is the customer. Without the customers, what is the point of coming to work?

At Bazooka, customer satisfaction is what we live on. We would never just leave them hanging if something went wrong. We send people out and make sure their investment gets repaired. As a former service man with Bazooka, this is another reason why Eric appreciates where he works.

He thinks what he does here is his “call to service.” Any customer that has a sour taste after doing business with us isn’t what we want. Satisfaction, baby! That’s what we strive for.

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