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Getting in Near the Ground Floor, Eric Hahn Blows Up Bazooka!


Over the last couple of weeks, I have introduced you to some of the elite GAMECHANGERS that work at Bazooka Farmstar. There are many different personalities and backgrounds but we all work towards the same goal - to put out the best products and services we can. It’s now time for the top dog at the company, Eric Hahn.

Eric signed on with Bazooka in 2011 as the operations manager. As one does here, he quickly climbed his way up the ladder and landed in the general manager position just 12 months later. In 2016, he wanted a part of the action to call his own, so he pushed his chips in and bought a portion of the company.

You have heard me say it a lot in this blog series that this company is BOOMING, but I only speak the truth. Eric thinks what elevates us and keeps us moving onward and upward is the service we offer to our customers. It is what makes Bazooka stand out next to the corporate structure of our competition.

We also evolve and advance in the way we do business. There is never a stagnant moment during the workday. Eric loves that we continue to get smarter and believes that is why we have grown. It hasn’t been easy staying on top of our game all the time, but we have done it.

Customer satisfaction is at the top of most employee’s minds, but the culture around the office keeps us grinding away at what we do. A common phrase said around the office is, “We work as hard as we play.” Eric used three words to describe this attitude: agile, fast, and fun.

“Culturally, Bazooka wants to be as great as possible for its employees. We have a great team and it pushes our business. It’s our Candy Land. We have an impact on and control our future.”

Each employee is encouraged to bring these four mindsets every day: Bring It, Bigger Than Us, Bleed Bazooka, and Be Safe. Each one has its own meaning, but all of them together, we simply can’t lose!

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