Selfie Stories: Chris Ousey

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All Work and No Play? Not Here at Bazooka.


We aren’t afraid of a good challenge at Bazooka. We take on difficult projects and tasks that push us to the edge, but there is always an end in sight. Chris Ousey, quality technician, joined the team three years ago looking for that balance of hard work and comfort. He has found that here.

For 25 years, Chris worked next to Bazooka at Modine. With the skill set he had, he was the perfect match to join our team.

Jump ahead to now, he is one of the many sets of eyes that looks over our equipment before it heads out to our customers. Inspecting is the main aspect of his job, and we want to ensure that it is going to the customer just how they asked. The quality of our equipment and customer service is our reputation.

This reliable Gamechanger is always ready to work and has been as dedicated as anyone during his time with us. So extreme to the point where he has only called in once saying he wouldn’t be in. That kind of Bring It attitude is what we are looking for. He makes sure the work of his co-workers doesn’t go unnoticed also. Several times a day, he is dishing out positive feedback.

Growing up, his father worked in maintenance, and he grew to like this work as well. Chris takes pride in the work he does and thinks we do it better than some of our bigger competitors.

His comfortable work life leaves him plenty of time to do what he wants outside of Bazooka. Him and his wife have been to the Smoky and Rocky Mountains, Austin, and Glacier National Park all on his motorcycle. When they aren’t traveling, they’ll drop their boat in a lake or river and do whatever they are feeling on that day.

The balance is key to Chris. Do you want that too?

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