Selfie Stories: Chad Harl

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Craigslist Ad Led This GAMECHANGER to a Career with Bazooka.


One of the cooler things I’ve come to learn in my short time here at Bazooka is how unique some of my co-workers are. For example, when I was interviewing Chad Harl, engineering project lead, I found out he wanted to be a skateboarder growing up. He even had a halfpipe in his yard and that he has been part of a couple bands before as a guitarist and singer.

How did this interesting Gamechanger cross paths with Bazooka? An ad on Craigslist. Who would’ve thought! Six years ago he joined the team and hasn’t looked back since.

Chad had worked at larger companies before, and he knew he wanted to work somewhere smaller. At the bigger places, he felt that employees' value didn’t seem to matter that much to the leadership. Bazooka is the opposite. Every employee matters and their voice can be heard. Leadership cares about all of its team members.

Another benefit of Bazooka that other corporate businesses don’t offer is the opportunity to see how the whole process works. We as employees see how the process starts and finishes. A lot of times at bigger companies, workers dedicate their time to a single part of the project and don’t see how it all comes together. What is the point of working if you don’t understand what you’re working towards?

Whether it is playing the guitar or working, he is constantly Bringing It. Day after day, he does his work to the best of his abilities, and he believes his co-workers do as well. The core values that are the backbone of our work environment are claimed by many companies, but Bazooka incorporates them into training and rewards those that succeed in them.

The service put out by us to our customers should be expected, but the treatment we receive from the higher-ups does not go unnoticed either.

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