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Once Intern, Now "Face of Region."


During an interview, most places will tell you what you want to hear. That they have the best, family-like atmosphere. Except, you get there, and...BAM...You are tied to a cubical and everyone is generally unfriendly with each other. You’ll hear that same thing at Bazooka with the only difference being we do actually have that.

I have interviewed a lot of my co-workers over the last couple of weeks and they all say they love who they work with. Brad Lampe, territory equipment specialist, said the same, but he elaborated more.

“People have been pounding the family narrative and they are right about that. But, we are all friends. We know everyone. We interact with everyone. A lot of us grew up with most of these people. We are actually friends.”

This has been Brad’s first and only job after he graduated from Iowa State. His cousin and HR Manager Amanda Russell landed him an internship in 2017 before starting full-time the following year.

Flash-forward to 2020 and he works with the dealers and pushes equipment to northeast Iowa and Wisconsin. He even called himself ‘The Face’ of that region. Right off the bat as an intern, he got the chance to travel all over with the sales guys. West coast, east coast, wherever they went, he went.

That aspect of visiting new places and interacting with new customers is one of his favorite parts of his job. While out and about for work, he represents the company with pride and Bleeds Bazooka, pushing the brand and giving the company a great face.

He hadn’t heard about Bazooka when he was growing up in the area, but the company has seen unreal growth over the last handful of years. With that, Brad thinks we are having a positive effect on the community as well. We are creating a lot of new positions and growing a solid reputation.

His life in agriculture continues once he leaves the office. Brad helps with local ag youth groups and raises his own cattle.

This was his first job out of college and he got hooked. Does it sound like something you want?

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