Selfie Stories: Aurelio Velasco

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A Long Drive After a Workday Stinks, so Auerio Velasco Did Something About It.


Imagine existing for years, but no one really knows what you do. Back in the day, that was the case for Bazooka. Everyone saw the plant and knew it was there, and it just became a thought in their heads. Flash forward a decade, and we are one of the fastest-growing businesses in the corridor with a bright future ahead.

I have talked to a few of my co-workers over the last couple of weeks that told me they landed their jobs at Bazooka by just walking in the front door. Aurelio Velasco was hired three years ago because he saw a sign that said Bazooka was hiring. He went in, applied, and is now the lead of trailer assembly.

Like his co-worker Dakota Wilson, he saw our finished equipment sitting out behind our plant and it caught his eye. While this hasn’t been a recruiting tactic used by us in the past, maybe we should implement it all around the building. Seems to be working well.

Before Bazooka, he commuted daily to North Liberty for work and that drive was miserable after a long day of work. A change had to be made.

“There is never a dull moment here. We all work hard and try to reach the same goal. Everyone cares about each other and our work.”

Aurelio took his position without knowing a soul here, but that quickly changed as he now knows he is part of our special family. We work as a team and try to always be on the same page. Like most people when they start a new gig, he was pretty intimidated. He only grew to be more comfortable the longer he was here.

If you would have asked him when he was younger, he would have said he wanted to be a police officer or firefighter. But we are glad that he had a change of heart and a key part of our team now.

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