Selfie Stories: Arial Davis

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Any Hour of the Day. Any Day of the Week. Arial Davis is there for You.


I think we can all agree that the best part of a muffin is the top of it. It is soft, moist, and never disappoints. The same can be said for cake tops and Arial Davis, account manager at Bazooka, sometimes spoils her co-workers by bringing some of these treats into the office. Although their health is saying no, their mouths are saying yes. But this Gamechanger brings much more to the work than a sugar rush.

For the last three years, she has been one of the account managers keeping the sales team organized. While she was only partly joking saying this, most of her days are hectic and unpredictable. Arial places orders, handles quotes, and (her favorite thing to do) talk with our customers on the phone about what they need.

Like many others have said throughout this Selfie Stories campaign, our dedication to service is what elevates us above the competition. Arial is another key piece in assuring that our customers come first. Any hour of any day, we got their back. We know that time lost is money lost. No one wants that to happen!

She was helping people long before coming to Bazooka. Arial was a social worker for five years, but a change in her role redirected her career path. With several friends already employed here, she shot over an application and found a spot on our team.

Arial’s dedication to work has propelled her to excellence at her position. She has sacrificed her time and put a good foot forward to become the best she can be at her job. Being adaptable is one of the many tools she has on her utility belt.

When I was talking to her, she recalled a trip to Jamaica she took a few years ago and remembered how nice and friendly everyone was, even the workers. Now in her everyday life, she brings that same joy to the office.

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