Same Toolbar, Different Name

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Bazooka Farmstar changed the name of their Phantom Toolbar per customer feedback.

Washington, Iowa – 6/24/2020 – Bazooka Farmstar recently announced it would be renaming the Phantom Toolbar to better align with their customers. The toolbar will now be referred to by the company as the Standard Toolbar.

Standard Toolbar


The company's first-of-its-kind, Standard Toolbar was constructed with their early version of a rolling disc style unit, the Coulter Till unit, giving it the name Coulter Till Toolbar. When Bazooka Farmstar introduced the industry leading Phantom injection units, the toolbar was renamed the Phantom Toolbar. Due to the success of the Phantom unit, the unit has become standard for all Bazooka Farmstar product lines that host a rolling disc style injector. With the Standard Toolbar being the industry 'standard' with the original wing fold design, the Phantom Toolbar was being referred to as the Standard Toolbar by the marketplace. Bazooka Farmstar realized this disconnect and saw the need for a name change in order to more closely align with the way the toolbar was being referred to by their customers, and to alleviate any confusion that was occurring.

Phantom injection unit Phantom injection units 


Although the name has changed, the specifications, features, models, attachments and design options of what was previously known as the Phantom Toolbar, will all remain constant for the Standard Toolbar.


The highly proven toolbar is known for its precision, efficiency and environmental responsibility. The advantage of a Standard Pull-Type Toolbar is eliminating the need to pick up at the end of each pass, reducing the amount of liquid manure discharged above ground around turns. These insights alone, provide users with a competitive edge and a job that is highly accepted by the neighbors. The Standard Toolbar is built with the capability to apply 3,000 to 12,000 gallons of liquid manure per acre in accordance with the Bazooka Farmstar Phantom unit—hence the toolbar’s former name. Its ability to function thoroughly and accurately across various terrains reduces the horsepower required to pull the applicator, minimizing fuel usage, making its heavy-duty structure the definition of practical.

Standard Toolbar


Even distribution is the name of the game and something Bazooka Farmstar strives to accomplish within every toolbar product line they manufacture. The Standard Toolbar has the option to come equipped with the new, Bazooka Farmstar Flux Manifold. The Flux Manifold has been designed to allow for even better flow and distribution to the Phantom injection units. With its anti-clog technology, the manifold is built to reduce plugging due to trash build-up and to allow for a simple and convenient clean out. The deep “V” style bowl allows for trash to exit the manifold easily by simply opening the rear valve. The manifold design restricts material from reaching the manifold blades, which allows the applicator to continue running, and avoid time consuming shut-downs.

Flux Manifold

Flux Manifold


The Standard Toolbar is built to last. No need to worry about losing any of the great features or benefits of the ‘Phantom’ Toolbar – the only difference customers will be able to find between the Phantom Toolbar and the Standard Toolbar is the name.


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