Roll Out the Red Carpet

Posted by Luke Maiers on

Get an Inside Look at New Products and Innovations


Now that we've got you pumped, let's cover the inaugural Unveiling event that took place Jan. 14. - Quick side note, spots are limited, but if you act fast you might still be able to snag one! - Some of our dealers and their end-users had the exclusive opportunity to check out several of our new products and upgrade possibilities. Presentations were led by our team of engineers, and they demonstrated how the products work.

This was our first of seven “Unveilings” that are set to take place every Thursday from now until the end of February. Our team at Bazooka Farmstar has spent months developing and perfecting these recently released items. We want our equipment to be sleeker, more efficient, and ultimately help the users’ bottom line.

Attendees started their afternoon by receiving a SWAG bag with some Bazooka-branded items, eating a catered lunch, and receiving an introduction from the director of engineering, Phil Minino.

Following the meet and greet, the hypothetical curtain was lifted and the products were revealed. Attendees had the chance to get up close and personal and kick the tires of each product. Any questions that popped up were answered once the engineer was finished walking through the product.

“I think they (attendees) were very impressed with our new products and excited about the updates to our existing products,” Chad Harl, engineering project lead, said. “I saw smiles and nods during our walkthroughs which tells me we are focusing on the things they care about and heading in the right direction.”

Getting people excited about what we are doing at Bazooka was a driving force behind these Unveilings. Our engineers were happy to show off and educate the new features they created and marketing team enjoyed putting on the show.

“I hope they (attendees) just liked learning more about Bazooka, the whole process that we go through, and all the effort that goes into our equipment and the attention to detail all the engineers have paid in developing the new products,” Brad Lampe, territory equipment specialist, said.

The afternoon concluded with a tour of our manufacturing plant led by production supervisor Carlos Varela-Hernandez. He showed event-goers the nitty-gritty work that goes into our products.

Attendees taking a tour of the manufacturing plant

We'll say it again for the people in the back, every Thursday for the next six weeks, we will be unveiling our new products to those who choose to attend. Due to COVID regulations, only 15 people are allowed per event. Some attendees from our first week said the improvements that we have made to our equipment was worth the trip.

“I liked it all. It was good to see new improvements. The different ideas applied were good concepts I thought. Others should definitely take a look into coming to one,” Rob Buiter, owner of Fast Track Fertilizer, said.

“They (Bazooka) are moving in the right direction. I think all of it together works great. Just from the equipment we have. The equipment we ran. It’s making things simpler for the manure haulers,” Lucas Feasel said.

There are still several spots available for those interested in attending. If you want a sneak peek at the latest equipment at Bazooka Farmstar, click here to register and become one of the exclusive members of the Unveiling Club.