Bazooka Farmstar's Titan Series of Top Kick Hay Bars - If you're More Familiar with King Ranch, Consider it the King Ranch of its Kind.

Posted by Sydney Greiner on

The Line-Up has Expanded - Say Hello to the 60'er.

The Top Kick Hay Bar just got tougher and it just got wider, with the recent introduction of the 60 ft. model. In addition to the extended length and coverage capabilities, this responsible top spread toolbar is equipped with several additional features and upgrades that you won't find on the original Top Kick Hay Bar models. Hence, the Titan Series of Top Kick Hay Bars. 



Before we dive right into product functionality and features, we want to answer the question, why a Top Kick Hay Bar? 

For those of you who don't know how short the typical windows for manure application throughout the year are, we will do you a quick solid. (For those of you who are familiar, advance to the ** below) Application windows occur in the Fall months as soon as crops have been taken out of the fields, and again in the Spring months before the farmers plant their crops. Throw in some crazy streaks of rainfall that saturate fields and/or extremely cold weather conditions that freeze the ground throughout those two application windows, and you're essentially down to several weeks, (what can seem like days) of go-time.

So, what are we getting at with this?

**Top Kick Hay Bars can be a good solution for manure applications that NEED to happen outside of those typical manure application windows for one reason or another. Just because that typical application window has passed, doesn't mean livestock has stopped producing manure or pits that weren't emptied within that magical time frame have miraculously emptied themselves. Not to mention those older-style hog barns that have deep manure pits that can fill up in under a year's time. That manure needs to go somewhere, and often times farmers look to apply during the summer months, specifically on hay ground, after each crop comes off. [Insert a responsible top spread solution here.] 

And we get it. If you're just getting into the liquid manure application game, more specifically a dragline application game, by the time you've acquired:

  • A means of agitation.
  • A lead and (potentially multiple) booster pump units.
  • Mile(s) of Lay flat hose to transfer the manure from your source to the applicator in the field.
  • Hose reel(s) to store the lay flat hose while it's not in use.
  • And an applicator to physically place the manure.

(PHEW) The upfront costs can be startling because, at the end of the day, that's a lot of equipment to invest in at once. [Insert a cost-effect applicator, like a Top Kick Hay Bar, into your starting line-up here.]

Once again, we get it. Although manure injection has been around for several years now, there are still some hesitations that come along with it, particularly when it comes to injecting manure on alfalfa and hay crops. We like to think we've perfected a low-disturbance solution in our Phantom injection unit, but seeing (and in this case, injecting) is believing. The answer to the hesitation? (After you've requested a demo and still aren't convinced, of course.) [Insert a responsible top spread solution here.]

NOW, let's get down to the nitty-gritty.


You know those additional features exclusive to the 60'er we've previously mentioned? Let's dive in.

To accommodate the additional length, the wings of this TKHB model have been reinforced with more steel than the original versions. Additionally, the hydraulic functionality incorporated throughout the design allow the inner and outer wing sections to fold independently of one another.  

Which is a nice transition into the next slick feature on this toolbar, the ability to upgrade to camlock manifold plugs. Camlock plugs allow an operator to shut off manure flow to the 3 outer units on each wing and fold the outer section of each wing up, to quickly transform a 60' application into a 42' application. Making the transition allows operators to apply higher GPA's at a quicker ground speed. Conversely, applying with a 60' width allows operators to apply lower GPA's at a slower ground speed.


While we are on the subject of hydraulic wing fold functionality, another 60' exclusive, is the toolbar's ability to fold within the width of the tractor hauling it. Folding within tractor width creates a more compact and convenient means of moving sites and maneuvering through narrow field entrances. Check it out.



Hooded splash pans result in a cleaner, more regulated top spread application by controlling the spray of the liquid manure as its distributed throughout the manifold and to each of the units. This is one of the reasons we've made hooded splash pans a standard feature on the 60'er. Each 60' model will come equipped with 20 hooded splash pans across the width of the bar, spaced 3' from one another. Talk about thorough coverage.


The stainless steel hooded splash pans pictured above are an upgrade option on this bar, and on the original models as well. The 60' TKHB comes standard with painted steel hooded splash pans.


Another 60' exclusive, shocking we know, is that it comes standard with our 6" Flux manifold design. When we designed the cream of the crop, TKHB, and made the Flux a standard feature, it opened up the opportunity to offer our anti-clog manifold technology as an upgrade on our original models. - Because why would we limit your possibilities based on toolbar width and functionality?

3" bumblebee drop tube hose is standard to accommodate the Flux manifold and maximize manure flow.  


When the job was done with our original Top Kick models, operators cleaned-out through the swing arm. Standardizing the Flux manifold has moved the clean-out task to the rear of the bar for a more simplistic and effective post-job tear down.

SO, if you're looking for a top-of-the-line, responsible means of top spreading liquid manure, look no further. The 60' Top Kick Hay Bar by Bazooka Farmstar is the solution you've been waiting for.