The Golden Rule of Manure Pumping | Provide the Same Service You Would Expect on Your Own Piece of Land

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Where There is Manure, There is Opportunity.


There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it: as long as livestock is being raised, manure is being produced. The way some see it, where there is manure, there is opportunity. 

“You feed them and whatever you put in the front, comes out the back, and somebody has to deal with it,” said Rob Buiter, the owner of Fast Track Fertilizer of Wheatfield, IN. 

Fast Track Fertilizer is a manure pumping business that Buiter started about 6 years ago, and he takes great pride in running a business that many farmers in northwest Indiana can rely on for quality manure management services. 

Fast Track Crew

Buiter said he decided to launch his manure pumping operation when it became obvious to him there was growing demand for injection work in his area, but there were not enough companies to meet it. 

“There is always some opportunity to be had,” said Buiter. “I go at it like it’s my own in the way that I would want somebody to come and do it on my piece of ground.” 

Buiter says among the biggest considerations someone should make who is thinking about following his example and starting their own manure pumping business, is to come up with a plan that allows them to invest their finances wisely. After all, procuring quality manure pumping equipment does have a price tag.

“It’s a pretty good capital investment to get started,” said Buiter. “When you spend that kind of money you want a quality piece of equipment that is not going to give you any problems.”

Buiter also suggests, no matter where manure pumping equipment is purchased, that it should come from a manufacturer with a track record of strong customer support services. His personal preference for his operation's equipment is Bazooka Farmstar. 

“Bazooka Farmstar is very, very, very important,” said Buiter.

For those willing to take the plunge into owning their own manure pumping business, Buiter believes a strong network of supporters, including family and employees, is another layer of backing one should have in order to run a successful business.

Fast Track Fertilzer Family

Buiter suggests any prospective entrepreneur should also cultivate a reliable client base in order to maintain a strong bottom line. Nevertheless, for Buiter, success is best measured not in dollars and cents but rather in knowledge gained. 

“Success is being able to keep learning. Like any other industry, things change, so you need to be out there seeing what other people are doing and what other new pieces of equipment are being developed.” 

Buiter stresses, running a manure pumping business is hard work

For those up for the challenge, and for those who listen to his advice, a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment await. ◻️


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