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Posted by Sydney Greiner on

Efficient. Reliable. Low Maintenance. 

If you know the Bazooka Farmstar brand, you know we emphasize providing top-notch service to our end-users through our strategic dealer network and in-house service team. Our team as a whole understands timeliness is key, especially in the midst of pumping season. No manufacturer hopes or anticipates their equipment having issues, but the fact of the matter is, sh*t happens.  

These factors, along with our recent introduction of the Wolverine and Riptide Series agitation solutions to our product mix, are the main reasons our team decided to allocate time toward designing and manufacturing a submersible pump internally. Until now, we've outsourced this component, which tended to result in longer than desired lead times to service our customers. Bringing this piece in-house has and will continue to allow greater parts availability and up-time for our end-users.  

Our team of engineers and equipment specialists has been testing Bazooka submersible pumps on a broad range of equipment and with a wide variety of end-users throughout the last several pumping seasons. We've listened to end-user feedback and believe we've made the appropriate updates to our design per what we've learned throughout the research and testing phase, to ensure we've produced an overall simplified design that is extremely reliable and maintainable.

The Bazooka submersible pump comes standard on the following pump unit and agitation solutions we manufacture:


  • The Bazooka submersible pump is currently available in an 18" diameter impeller model, with 5 blades constructed of Hardox steel. The 18" model can reach GPM's of 4,000+. 
    • The 21" model is coming soon!
  • Option of white cast iron housing for high-level protection in heavy sand.
  • Constructed with dual, 6" vertical plumbing into a single 8" discharge.
    • Designed with dual-port outlets for improved efficiency.
  • This submersible pump is the definition of low-maintenance and user-friendly. Here's why:
    • Built with heavy-duty bearing housing and a dual-sealed grease chamber separating the bearing housing and the open area above the impeller.
    • Includes a hardened shaft with no mechanical seals.  
    • Equipped with a 4-bolt, quick-access suction cover for user convenience. 

Bazooka Farmstar - Full Throttle Outlaw

Full Throttle Series Outlaw featuring an 18" Bazooka Submersible Pump. 

Bazooka Farmstar - Riptide Series

Riptide Series Vertical Pit Pump featuring an 18" Bazooka Submersible Pump. 

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