Here Comes the Boom, Remote Control.

Posted by Sydney Greiner on

Introducing One of Those 'Nice to Have's.'

As cliché as it may be, it's all about working smarter, not harder. This exact cliché was one of the driving factors behind our decision to add remote control functionality to the Full Throttle Series Outlaw boom. Whether you own an Outlaw or aspire to, you can equip your trailer with remote control functionality. The greatest benefit we expect to see from this remote feature has been illustrated below. If you're operating the boom, this feature will allow you to step away from the trailer-bound controls, making it easier to accurately place the pump inside the pit. And don't forget the boost in confidence you'll get when maneuvering around obstacles. If you're a hog integrator (or a custom pumper and a majority of your customers are hog integrators) you've felt this.  



To all the boom operators out there who have mastered the task of hitting the pit from a distance on the first attempt, you've officially earned rock-star status. For some operators, it can take several attempts to get the boom in the proper pumping position. (No shame, pump placement is no small feat.) The high visibility and controllability this remote function provides will save you set-up time by allowing you to get pump placement right the first time.

Work smarter, not harder.

Below is a short explainer video that covers:

  • How to sync the remote to the Full Throttle Series Outlaw trailer.
  • How to use the E-Stop function and reconnect.   
  • The indicators, functions, and functionality of the remote. 
  • Remote functionality in action. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The two hydraulic stabilizer jacks are not controllable with the remote. This function remains on the trailer-bound control deck.

Do you want (need) this 'nice-to-have' for your operation? Contact our team of equipment specialists today.