New Products and Enhancements Highlight Event

Posted by Luke Maiers on

Dealers and Handlers See What We Have Been Cooking Up

2020 tied our hands as to what we could do to show off our equipment this past year. We had all these new pieces of equipment and enhancements to show off, but no one to show them to. This led to The Unveiling series coming about. Every Thursday since Jan. 14, we have welcomed in our dealers and prospect customers to see what we have been working on. Only one week remains, so sign up while you still can.

Our biggest group yet started their morning with a SWAG bag full of Bazooka branded items and breakfast provided by Z’s Catering and BBQ. Managing Partner Eric Hahn filled everyone in on how our company got to where it is today. Then, the equipment was revealed.

Eric Hahn welcomes guests

Our engineering team led the presentations. Several different projects took upwards of a year to complete, and the engineers are proud and excited about the work they did.

“It’s good that we are changing as the manure injection industry grows,” John Green, design engineer, said. “Some companies are ok with being complacent, but we are always moving forward. If our customers are winning, we are too.”

Kevin Wolter talks to some customers

Some of our guests had already purchased equipment that isn't yet delivered. This was an opportunity for them to come check out what they were getting.

“We had bought a new bar that is coming this March," Brian Vander Kinter, attendee said. "We just came down to see what Bazooka and this event is all about.”

Who knows what this year has in store for us show-wise. Our marketing team will continue to prepare for future events held at Bazooka, so our customers have the opportunity to kick the tires on our equipment.

“We have all experienced plenty of virtual meetings during the pandemic," Green said, "and I think we can all agree they are no substitute for being able to touch and see the equipment. Customers often have more relevant questions when they are standing with us looking at the equipment.”

“They (Bazooka) had good introductions, good overview of the machinery, and it is nice to have everything right here instead of doing it virtually," Vander Kinter said. "With no farmshows likely happening this year, it’s nice to have these kinds of opportunities to see the equipment eye-to-eye.”

Only one week remains for The Unveiling. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that nothing is guaranteed, so take advantage of the last chance to see our new enhancements and equipment. Click HERE to sign up.