ICYMI: We've Introduced an Agitation Product Category to our Line-Up.

Posted by Sydney Greiner on

With Plans to Add more to the Mix. (See What We Did There?) 

In case you missed it, Bazooka Farmstar has recently rolled out an agitation product line-up featuring the Wolverine Series Agitation Boat and the Riptide Series Vertical Pit Pump. As we've hinted, our engineering team is working hard on additional solutions that will extend our current agitation product lines and will introduce new ones. When the time is right, we will provide the details but as we perfect our craft, let's take a high-level glimpse into our current agitation offerings

The Wolverine and Riptide Series were featured at the company's series of Unvelining events last Winter, where select end-users got the chance to be the first to kick the tires of these new-to-BF product lines. Since then, we've done voluminous testing with both products, have listened and learned, and made design changes we are confident in and stand behind as we enter another busy Fall pumping season.

Without further ado:


Perception and change can be tough battles to fight when you're going against the grain. "Nozzles are the only way to get an agitation job done thoroughly and efficiently." "You will never be able to penetrate deep in a lagoon using propellers." "There is no way that thing can climb out of steep banks on its own." The list goes on, but despite the controversy, this propeller-based agitation boat has made waves in the marketplace since its official introduction in May of 2021. But don't take it from us. Take it from the guys (and gals) putting the Wolverine to work. 

"New @bazookafarmstar boat works great took 3hrs 15 min to agitate this lagoon that usually takes us half a day to do." - C&J Waste Handling 

Out of curiosity, we asked the crew what constituted a half-day of work (because y'all never sleep), and they reported back 7.5 - 8.5 hours on average. That means they were able to agitation a lagoon in under half the time it took them with an alternative, boat-based solution. 

Seeing (and using in this instance) is believing.  


Before we move onto the Riptide Series, we will leave you with our top-five wins/differentiators of the Wolverine Series.

  1. Holds a simplistic and user-intuitive design. (We aren't kidding when we say user-intuitive. We've witnessed a four-year-old operating our boat, but we digress.) Zero gate valves and only eight hydraulic cylinders are used throughout the design, minimizing the number of moving parts and ultimately reducing maintenance requirements.
  2. Equipped with aggressive tires and high torque direct drive system for effective climbing capability, and the steering linkages keep the tires in sync at all times while the boat is in operation.
  3. Each propeller can reach flows up to 12,000+ GPMs for a total of 24,000+. That's a high volume of liquid circulation. The prop-based design also provides extreme agility, maneuverability, and a high level of control and never at the expense of agitation.
  4. Carries a low center of gravity and has extra flotation naturally built-in. The 150-gallon fuel tank sits in the center of the boat, (directly beneath the engine) so stability doesn't falter regardless if it's fueled to the brim or has been running for hours.
  5. Outfitted with a 302 HP engine for next-level performance.

Last, but not least:


The Riptide Series was a natural product line progression to follow the Wolverine Series and our new 18" submersible pump it comes equipped with. Different from competing pit pumps in the marketplace, the Riptide is constructed with dual 6” vertical pipes that merge into an 8” discharge. Like our traditional product lines, the Riptide Series is constructed heavy-duty and comes with different options that allow end-users to customize to fit their specific functional needs at a price point that aligns with their bottom line.  

Here's how you can currently customize your Riptide Vertical Pit Pump:

  • Agitation-only or agitation PLUS discharge conversion kit. 
  • 3-PT. Long Hitch or 3 PT. Short Hitch. 
  • More to come.

As we did with the Wolverine Series, we will leave you with our top-five wins/differentiators of the Riptide Series.

  1. Holds a narrow profile for easy access to the manure pit. 
  2. Equipped with dual category 3-PT. hitch pins that can be flipped, making this vertical pit pump compatible with a broad range of tractors.
  3. The dual-independent nozzles reduce from 6" down to a 3.5" diameter outlet. The upper nozzle moves up and down, and both the upper and lower nozzle can rotate in opposing directions to increase agitation effectiveness and keep solids in suspension.    
  4. The lubrication pump is driven directly off the gearbox output shaft, and the gearbox and bearing housing uses tractor hydraulic oil for user convenience. 
  5. The 18" Bazooka Submersible Pump can move 4,000+ GPM at a recommended 150-180 HP, and the legs of the submersible are adjustable and can be easily raised or lowered to accommodate varying pit depths.

We've said it once, and we will say it again. We've got more in store for this new-to-us product category, and we think you're going to like what you see. Interested in demoing a Wolverine or Riptide? Let us know. In the meantime, to ensure you don't miss future announcements regarding these product lines and updates on alternative product offerings, subscribe to our newsletter by filling out the "Join Our Gamechangers" form below.

Go ahead, get a whiff.