Still Keeping It Reel

Posted by Luke Maiers on

Now Let's Get Down to the Nitty-Gritty of our QDS Technology

At Bazooka Farmstar, there is more than meets the eye than the sharp yellow exterior. If you are reading this article, you’re considering our Quantum Drive System and want to know all the details on how the features will save you time, money, and efficiency.


Several features are offered that make the job more manageable, but none more important than our Quantum Drive System technology (QDS).

Imagine living in a world where you can dictate everything from the seat of your tractor. Winding, unwinding, and freewheeling are all possible with this technology. QDS allows you to go at the speed you want. The reel doesn't dictate how you do your work.

A wireless remote option is also available with QDS. Working outside of the cab is possible, and you have the freedom to overlook the whole operation.


The off, freewheel, unwind, and wind buttons on the right side of the remote indicate which mode you have selected with one LED light.

The lights on the left side of the remote indicate which function you have selected - more brake tension, less brake tension, speed up, and speed down. The number of LED lights lit next to the speed button indicates what speed you are in. The brake option is only active when in freewheel mode. 

When it comes to speed, we have you covered! Speed one allows you to have maximum torque while taking it slow, speed two gives you the best of both with speed and torque, and speed three gives you the speed you want when torque isn’t needed. When dealing with multiple sections or a reel that is almost full, lower speeds is where you’ll want to be.

Freewheel makes unwinding hose easier than in the past, with seven brake settings to help you stay in control. NOTE: when using freewheel, hydraulics must be fully connected. If not, motor life may decrease and permanent damage could occur. Switching from freewheel to unwind is seamless, allowing you to go at a speed that doesn’t rely on the reel.


Three hose connections between the tractor and reel make it go.

The green handled hose goes into the case or sump drain on the tractor. Please check your tractor manual for the correct Hose connections - keeping it reel - Copylocation. You’ll want to make sure that this is connected to a zero pressure return port because it can cause motor seal failure and will void the motor’s warranty. An ISO 16028 coupler must be used to allow seepage due to thermal expansion.

Tractor to reel connectionsThe other two sets of hoses help make the reel go round. One set has a blue handle and a blue/black handle. The other has a red and red/black handle. These hook into the hydraulic system on the back of your tractor. Using one set is an option, but this should only be considered when low speed is going to be used. Operating with only one set can create excess heat in the hydraulic system. Using both assures minimal back pressure and pressure loss.

An outlet in the tractor powers the remote with a tractor harness running to the hitch on the reel. This allows the hose reel to come to life! Without these proper connections, you may not be able to achieve optimal performance and benefits of our QDS technology.

The QDS has a lot to love. Between the speed of the reel, efficiency of freewheel, and control from your cab, it just makes your life easier. So what do you think - do you have more questions? Do you want to test-run a hose reel with our QDS first? Maybe you're ready to dive in with an equipment specialist on pricing. You can do any of that, starting right here.