Infinity Series Boom Truck | Easily Reach the Bottom of a Manure Source

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We've recently released [March 2018] the Infinity Series Boom Truck, taking a huge step forward in reach, travel, capacity, pumping efficiency, and safety in realm of liquid manure pumping.

Our first boom truck of the Infinity Series, the 65’ triple-fold design, simplifies pumping from even the most inconvenient locations, making confinement buildings, slurry stores, and deep lagoons more accessible than ever. [Operators have mentioned time and time again, one of the things they love, is that they can pull right up to the lagoon bank and pump until the manure is literally gone. No more left-over manure sitting at the bottom of the lagoon, thanks to the large reach of the boom.] Accessibility does not come at the expense of efficiency, as the Infinity Series can reach 3,000-3,500 GPM with a 15” or 17” Nuhn submersible header pump options.


The Infinity Series features cockpit-style controls consisting of a 10-bank valve, open loop system that allows the operator to fully control all boom functions from one location. As an added convenience, we've provided a boom remote control option that allows the operator to control the engine, knife gate valves, and pump away from the hardwired bank control. - Talk about an ideal set-up for a one-man operation.


In order to extend the useful working life of the Infinity Series Boom Truck, high-quality materials have been utilized to prevent premature wear and corrosion. The external piping throughout the 65’ boom is made up of stainless steel and high-density polythene (HDPE). This material provides a low maintenance component on the equipment.

The Infinity Series is one of many recent products that shows our dedication to providing innovative technology to the agricultural industry. Keep your eyes open for Spring performance reports and release of their Infinity Series 80’ model.

And now...AN 85' OPTION 
Imagine what kind of goals you could reach with this beast of a boom truck.. 

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