How-To Assemble a Bazooka Farmstar Phantom Unit

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Quickly & Easily Install a Phantom Unit on a Tank or Toolbar

The Phantom unit is a low maintenance, rolling disc injector that has been engineered to place manure 4-6" into the ground with minimal soil disturbance. The industry-leading injection unit is a feature of multiple Bazooka Farmstar tank and toolbars. Follow the 14 steps we have outlined below to assemble a Bazooka Farmstar Phantom unit and be pumping in no time.




Position the main arm pivot pin PARTIALLY through the mount plate, leaving room for the main arm to be attached.


Install the main arm by positioning it in the middle of the mount plate. Slide the main arm pivot pin THROUGH the main arm and mount plate, securing the main arm.


ALIGN the bolt holes of the main arm pivot pin and mount plate before installing a (1/2" x 2.75" GR8) bolt and (1/2" top lock) nut. Torque the nut to 90 foot-pounds.


APPLY anti-seize to the main coulter hub tube.


Install the main coulter hub assembly by placing the spindle IN the main coulter hub tube. Align the bolt hole and install a (1/2" x 3.5") bolt and (1/2") top lock nut. Torque to 78 foot-pounds.


Install TWO grease zerks in the closure arm pivot tube and tighten.


Install ONE grease zerk in the main arm pivot pin and tighten.


Install the drop tube on the main arm by fastening it with two (1/2" x 1.5" fine thread GR8) bolts, four (1/2" - structural) washers, and two (1/2" fine thread top lock) nuts. When torquing the drop tube, CENTER the drop tube on the face of the main hub and the main coulter. Torque the nut to 90 foot-pounds.


INSTALL the closure arm bushing in the main arm.

STEP 10:

Install the closure arm by positioning it IN the closure arm bushing.

STEP 11:

Install the pig snout to the END of the closure pivot using two (3/8" x 1.25" serrated flange) bolts. Apply Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242 to the bolts before torquing to 33 foot-pounds.

STEP 12:

Install the closure blade hub assembly to the closure arm. Install two (3/4" x 2.25") bolts, four (3/4") washers, and two (3/4 top lock) nuts. When torquing the two bolts, push the back side of the closure blade TOWARD the drop tube. Torque to 225-250 foot-pounds.

STEP 13:

Install the main arm spring with the spring cap. A (7/8" x 14") bolt and (7/8" x .25" thick) washer should be installed from the BOTTOM of the main arm, through the spring and cap, completed with a (7/8" nylock) nut installation on top of the cap. Torque until the top of the cap is 10 1/4" to 10 3/8" above the top of the mount plate.

STEP 14:

REPEAT these steps to assemble the remaining Phantom units on your tank or toolbar.

*Refer to pages 16-21 of the manual for additional instructions. Get the manual & instructions here!


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