Feast your eyes on our New(ish) Hose Hustler Line-Up

Posted by Sydney Greiner on

Don't be Alarmed! We've Just Restructured - It was a Natural Progression.

Between the Engineering and Product Management Teams, we've decided it was time to revamp our Hose Hustler Series product line amid the fall pumping season. Our purpose for restructuring the existing line-up was to facilitate the ordering process for end-users and to better streamline our production process. (Work smarter, not harder, are we right?)  

From this point forward, all models within our Hose Hustler Series family will be identified by the lay flat hose diameter it can relocate and all come equipped with the Bazooka Farmstar exclusive, side shift technology. The new structure that's been outlined will make the product family more consistent overall, ensuring customer expectations are met from a specification and feature standpoint, and allow for future product line expansion in alignment with industry trends. 

Hose Hustler


So, about this new structure we've been speaking of.

We released our first Hose Hustler for 6" lay flat hose back in 2010, and the product line naturally expanded as the industry shifted toward the "bigger, faster, stronger" mantra. Fast forward 10 years and our Hose Hustler
Series can accommodate lay flat hoses from 6" - 12" in diameter. Check it out.

    - 6" - 8" 

    - 8" - 10" 

    - 12" | HI, I'M BRAND NEW


What's side shift technology? We're happy you asked!

Hose Hustler, Hose Humper, Hose Mover. However you refer to this helpful tool crafted specifically for dragline liquid manure application, we are the only manufacturer in the game that offers a side shift feature. Side note (not to be confused with side shift), every model in our full line-up features this top-of-the-line technology. 


Our unique (and did we mention patented?) side shift feature allows the Hose Hustler to 'shift' horizontally and routes hose around terraces, inlets, and obstacles throughout the field. Additionally, it can present a convenience factor when rolling the hose back onto a hose reel that is laying in a ditch when the job is finished.

Side shift saves time on the job, by allowing operators to drive alongside the hose to lift, push, and reposition the hose as they go. Without deploying side shift, an operator must back into the hose to move it to a new location, and as a result, it takes longer to maneuver a short section of hose around an obstacle or to a new quadrant in the field. As we all know, in a time-sensitive industry like the one we find ourselves, reducing the time spent on a job can allow for more gallons to be pumped and in turn, more customers needs to be met.


A Hose Hustler reduces the tension between the manure applicator and the hose laid out in the field throughout the dragline application process, which minimizes the wear on a hose over time and ultimately extends the life of the hose. In case you were unaware, a high-quality hose (supply or drag) is an investment, and we believe it should be protected.
'Insert a Hose Hustler in your line-up here.'

Additionally, a HH provides operator flexibility and efficiency by minimizing the need to shut down while moving through various sections of a field throughout a job, including those pre-applied sections. 

Bonus - Utilizing a Hose Hustler reduces the likelihood of twisted hose during application.

Go ahead, check out our new(ish), Hose Hustler line-up.