Happy Employees Result in Successful Business

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Treat your Employees with Kindness and Respect.

ALEXANDER, NY - In a green valley surrounded by rolling hills, entrepreneur Calvin Whitmore, is overseeing a project he believes is of vital importance: injecting liquid manure for an area farmer.

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"It seems like it never ends," said Whitmore. "There is always manure to haul, to pump, and to get rid of somewhere, somehow." Calvin and his father, Dan Whitmore, founded the manure hauling sector of Wee Hauler Agricultural Trucking, a business based out of upstate New York. Calvin's brother, Brian, is part owner of Wee Hauler who now provides a variety of custom manure services, including manure injection and spreading.

Whitmore grew up a farm kid and when he turned 18, he took a job as a milk truck driver. It was during his days driving trucks, he noticed many farmers he would interact with on the job, were struggling to find people who could haul away their manure when their pits and lagoons reached their capacity. He had a brilliant idea; he would make a living doing it himself. 

"We saw a need for custom manure hauling," said Whitmore. "My father and I got together and started buying trucks." The operation has since been a success.

Three years ago, Whitmore and his team decided their company could offer their customers an even greater experience, and they have been injecting liquid manure with a dragline system from Bazooka Farmstar ever since.

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There are numerous variables outside of a custom applicator's control, like extreme weather conditions for example, that play into the timing of liquid manure application. "The windows of opportunity to apply manure seem to get shorter and shorter every year," said Whitmore. "The Bazooka Farmstar injection system we've invested in, has helped speed up that process." In certain situations, the crew at Wee Hauler runs with a Dribble Bar that is also manufactured by Bazooka Farmstar. The Dribble Bar provides a means of a responsible top spread liquid manure application, by minimizing the burn effect on crops alternative broadcast solutions can produce, and by reducing the amount of 'drifting' manure during application by dropping the manure near ground level in 1' increments. 

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Whitmore also credits his employees that operate the equipment with making their liquid manure injection venture successful. He recommends to that anyone who wishes to follow his example in starting their own liquid manure injection business, that they treat their employees with kindness and upmost respect. It's no secret this job can be very demanding at times, we are all human and have priorities and values that fall outside of the day-to-day grind.

"Happy employees make things go better," said Whitmore. "If an employee has a doctor's appointment or functions at school for their kids, I strongly suggest you make time for that."


Moving forward into the future, Whitmore thinks his company's best days are still ahead of them. He believes the same can be true for others, should they do their best to do a good job for their customers. Jason Bower, of Rockview Custom Pumping, also has a positive outlook on the future of his business. No matter what life throws our way, there never seems to be a shortage of manure.

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"You have to keep up with the times," said Whitmore. "You have to keep up with what farmers' want, you have to keep good quality equipment, and then maintain and be ready to go."