Farewell to the Standard 350 Gallon Booster Pump Trailer

Posted by Sydney Greiner on

All Good Things Come to an End. 

As we near the end of another year and hone in on the future of some of our existing product lines, we've made the executive decision to obsolete our Standard 350 Gallon Booster Pump Trailer. Don't be too quick to whip out your Kleenex box as the trailer's Standard 250 Gallon Booster Pump counterpart will remain among the Full Throttle Series pump trailer line-up in 2021. - We will get back to the Full Throttle Series in a minute, but in true farewell fashion, a short speech is in order.

The Standard 350 Gallon Booster Pump Trailer found its way into our (at-that-time, small) pump unit line-up by pure chance. And when we say small line-up, we say that quite literally and figuratively. The only booster pump trailer the company offered before the birth of the 350 was, you guessed it, our Standard 250 Gallon Booster Pump Trailer. Here's how it happened. A member of our sales team was on a customer visit when they heard these words for the first time in their career, "This pump unit is not big enough. I need something bigger with more power and more fuel capacity." 

Today, this is a frequent request within the industry. (Especially within the Midwest.) The "bigger, faster, stronger" trend has come to life in recent years and continues to live on as dragline becomes a more well-known and accepted avenue of liquid manure management. The "BFS" trend has led the charge in the progression of every product line we manufacture, from toolbars to pump units to hose reels. So, long story short, the 350 Gallon Booster Pump Trailer had a good run but was not a strategic development on our end, which is why we've decided to part ways and provide the industry with solutions that will fill the void of the Standard 350 Gallon Booster Pump Trailer. #RIP



One door opens to another door closed. The Standard 250 Gallon Booster Pump Trailer will continue the legacy of our standard trailer offering with the 250 and 500 Gallon Full Throttle Series Trailers emerging as an alternative solution for our raving 350 fans.


  • Heavier-duty build. 
  • More compact (and single axle) design for better maneuverability and flexibility on the job, especially when moving in and out of ditches.
  • Flotation tire option available to reduce compaction when working with a full tank of fuel. 
  • The transition from two to a single fuel tank provides an accurate and consistent fuel level reading and simple refuel.
  • Larger fuel capacity. (500 Gallon model)
  • More power as a result of more engine, pump, and plumbing configurations. 
  • Comparable price point. (Standard 350 Gallon and 250 Gallon Full Throttle Series)  


We will leave you with two things. 1. If you're the current owner of a Standard 350 Gallon Booster, we aren't going to draw a line in the sand now that we no longer manufacture this trailer model. We pride ourselves on the service we provide our customer base, and this is no exception. 2. If you're in the market for a new (or used) Bazooka booster trailer but want to take a test drive first, we've (and our official dealers) got you covered. Fill out the short form below, and we will make it happen.