Measuring Pressure from a Distance.

Posted by Melanie Bennett on

Introducing the Digital Pressure Monitoring System.

Are you still checking your pumps manually and wondering if there is a safer and easier way? We are here to tell you there is! Best part? It won't break the bank. 

Our latest digital pressure monitoring (DPM) system is a low-cost solution that allows crews to keep their distance and safely monitor pressures at the pump. The DPM system was designed specifically for mechanical pumps, but holds value for anyone in need of a simplistic digital inlet/outlet pressure reading on any pump unit.

This system can shut down an engine, warn end-users of high pressures, or if cavitation of the pump is detected. To enhance safety, audible and visual warning indicators can be added as well. Here's a quick, real-life example: Carl chose to equip his pump unit with a customized DPM system that included a beacon that triggers a visual warning when his pump hits 170 PSI and has also programmed an engine shutdown to occur if his unit climbs to 185 PSI. 

Various lengths of harnessing are available, giving end-users the flexibility to install this system anywhere on a pump unit. 


Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty:


  • Self-contained unit that can be added to any existing system
  • Independently controlled power source
  • Two programmable outputs per display for safety and security
  • Warning options & safety features available (can choose up to two):
    • Warning light
    • Warning siren
    • Engine kill harness
  • In-depth manuals & YouTube videos are available for configuring and troubleshooting
  • Simple operation and navigation of the system




Standard Kit-1



Rear Mouting Brackets-1



20210820_122657 (1)


Simply put, the DPM system was designed to be a localized system that can increase visibility and add an extra layer of protection for you and your crew. A system with safety in mind is a system worth having. Interested? Let's chat!

Download the DPM Cut Sheet

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