BRING IT Spotlight: Uriah Rugg

Posted by Luke Maiers on

Uriah Rugg's Pledge to Service Lands Him as the BRING IT GAMECHANGER.


What makes Bazooka Farmstar stand out among their competition is simple but a lot of competitors do not do it well - customer service. We all offer similar products, but how we treat the customers is a huge force behind our success. Something we do to ensure satisfaction is that we are with you long after the sale.

This is where Uriah Rugg comes in. He is the road mechanic and Head Service Technician with Bazooka. Keeping the customer happy is what he loves, so he constantly answers the call of our clients, packs up what he needs, and chugs along to go do repairs on the equipment that has been sold. His efforts do not go unnoticed as his co-workers nominated him for the BRING IT GAMECHANGER award. Day-in and day-out, he affects the reputation of Bazooka.

“I think BRINGING IT means to have the ability to adapt and overcome situations and problems at work. Just do your best to figure out how to fix issues.”

Uriah started his road as a GAMECHANGER over two years ago as a part-time employee, but that quickly changed into a full-time role. His experience in the agriculture field goes well before joining Bazooka as he pumped manure. His life has revolved around the brown, liquid gold.

The majority of his days are spent on the road. A lot of the time, he is working locally, but he has stretched out to Ohio, Michigan, and other midwestern states. As we grow, the possibility is there for him to work in some east coast states, Texas, and New Mexico. However, the local jobs are more intriguing because it allows for him to spend more time with his own flesh and blood.

His 17-month-old son, Sawyer, is ‘growing like a weed,’ and he loves playing with him. This handyman spends his time away from Bazooka hunting, fishing, and spending time outdoors. 

That trait can be traced back to his childhood. Uriah’s dream was to be a farmer, and while he isn’t too far off track from that, he wants to help kids interested in agriculture to this day. He will be donating his GAMECHANGER not-for-profit award to the Washington County Fair Association. He was in 4-H growing up and wants to be part of the support behind it.

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