BRING IT Spotlight: Linsey Turner

Posted by Luke Maiers on

Early Mornings and Late Nights, All with a Smile. Linsey Turner BRINGS IT Daily.

At Bazooka Farmstar, we believe a company runs best when there is cohesion throughout every team. Easier said than done, right? Not when you have team members like Linsey Turner who BRING IT every day. How does Linsey bring it you might ask?

Linsey consistently comes in early, stays late, and helps in any way she can; regardless of whether it is in her job description or not. Everyone loves her positive attitude and killer work ethic that ultimately landed her with the BRING IT GAMECHANGER Award.

It has only been three years since Linsey arrived at Bazooka Farmstar, but boy has she made quite the impact. She had been on the hunt for a place she could work hard, grow, and enjoy what she did. Luckily for Bazooka, a few of her friends worked here and told her how much they enjoyed it. From that point on, she has been rocking and rolling on our accounting team.

What she tells us she loves about working at Bazooka is that we do take our work seriously, buuut we also have a fun atmosphere. Part of that fun atmosphere is having a work/life balance. This balance allows her to do things outside of work that she enjoys. For Linsey, that may be taking a weekend trip with her family, grabbing her boots and skipping off to Nashville or a quick trip up to Texas Roadhouse for their prime rib.

Another aspect she loves about working at Bazooka is that her bosses and the company do care about her and other employees. There are a number of ways in which Linsey feels supported by her boss, leadership, and her coworkers in general. The free meals and employee recognition for the work are a couple of ways, but it is more than that. She recognizes that Bazooka appreciates everyone who shows up every day in more ways than one.

“Working here is a domino effect, your job affects everyone,” she said. “We all do the best job we can to help the company be successful.”

Linsey Turner Pups

Linsey joins the other award winners who get their photo hung on our GAMECHANGER Recognition Wall and a $100 donation to their not-for-profit of choice. While Linsey has many passions in life, she has quite the soft spot for four legged friends. If there is a pup in need of a good home or lost, you'll find Linsey sharing with anyone she can to help. She also has two of her own fur babies- Paisley Jean and Paxton.

Based on her love for them and animals in general, she knew she wanted her donation to go towards helping other animals that needed love and support. There are so many organizations dedicated to helping animals find their forever homes, so how did she choose? The PAW Animal Shelter in Fort Madison is where she found fur baby number two, Paxton. She hopes with her donation, a family can find joy in bringing home their own Paxton. 

Linsey's BRING IT attitude and smile have an infectious feeling around the office. She is the type of person we want on our team at Bazooka. If you are looking for more out of your career and want a workplace that appreciates you, check us out.


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