BLEED BAZOOKA Spotlight: Eric Harvey

Posted by Luke Maiers on

No One Represents Bazooka Better than Eric Harvey

Some people punch in and punch out every day and don’t really care about what they do. Eric Harvey is not one of those people.

Three and a half years ago, he joined our Bazooka team and has been making an impact ever since. Our capital product manager arranges his schedule to help the company succeed and promotes Bazooka whenever possible. His hustle, mentality, and character recently landed him with our BLEED BAZOOKA Gamechanger award.

“He comes in all hours of the day, even during the weekend before those shifts start, to ensure team Bazooka wins,” a nominator said. “He is willing to jump into a project, work hard, and always promote our brand.”

Other coworkers even told the story of how Harvey put Bazooka before his own birthday. A party was being held for him when he got a call from work and took off to handle the situation. 

“I didn’t expect to receive this recognition,” Harvey said, “but they started reading off the description at the award ceremony and I started to think it sounded like me.”

He loves being in the thick of things and making sure that the end-user is happy with their experience with us. Customer satisfaction fuels his fire.

Coming from a larger company, he quickly saw the differences in our team atmosphere. We all work together to move the company forward, and he fit right in from day one. Bazooka has now become so ingrained in Harvey’s life that it is rare to see him not wearing any company-branded shirts, hats, or coats. He loves sharing the good word of Bazooka.

“I feel that everyone cares about the company that works here, is willing to do whatever it takes to help us succeed, and is proud to do so,” Harvey said. 

When he isn’t on the clock, he can be found at the local watering hole enjoying some time with his coworkers. There isn’t one person at Bazooka that he couldn’t sit down and shoot the breeze with. The family-like environment makes everyone feel welcome and is one of the things he loves most.

Shortly after Harvey started working here, his girlfriend and one of our account managers, Arial Davis, joined Bazooka as well. She had asked him before making the move, but he welcomed the idea. The close-knit culture we offer allowed them to work only feet from each other, and they recently took a step forward and announced their engagement. A true Bazooka power couple and we congratulate them.

Harvey and Arial engagement photo

A member of Harvey’s family is personally affected by epilepsy which is why he has selected the Epilepsy Foundation of Iowa as his not-for-profit to receive the $100 Gamechanger donation. This foundation fights towards helping those who suffer from epilepsy overcome obstacles in their daily life and work towards a cure.

Harvey sets the bar high with his passion for working at Bazooka. He is constantly on the move and promotes the brand, even when he is done with his workday. Not everyone can be a Gamechanger, but he certainly is deserving of this recognition.


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