BLEED BAZOOKA Spotlight: Brian Nielsen

Posted by Luke Maiers on

BLEED BAZOOKA GAMECHANGER Doesn't Shy Away From Challenges.


Some people enjoy a challenge. They love putting together a puzzle that can make them want to pound their head at times, but be rewarding in the end. Brian Nielsen, purchasing manager at Bazooka, has been doing that his entire working life.

He hasn’t enjoyed being part of a cookie-cutter model that was already in place. There is no fun in that. Instead, he has chosen to grind with small companies who have been excited and energized to get onto a solid path, and that is what brought him to Bazooka two years ago.

Throughout his time, he has been heavily involved with the companies he has worked at including Bazooka. This type of dedication has gotten him the BLEED BAZOOKA GAMECHANGER award. Brian has stood out among the rest for the passion he has in helping the company move forward and evolve.

In his spare time, he goes around and fishes from his kayak, but the opportunity to build up Bazooka got him hooked in a different way. The high energy and quick-changing atmosphere reeled him in.

“All of our core values are important, but I think BLEED BAZOOKA sticks more. We have a strong heart and soul in our industry, and our technical expertise makes Bazooka stand out.”

The values that are the backbone of Bazooka Farmstar do many things beyond the literal tasks that make up the workday. They are attitudes that create a positive, productive, and fun work environment. Among competitors in the industry, they make the company pop. Our employees' dedication to them is why we highlight our GAMECHANGERS.

With each GAMECHANGER award, a donation to a not-for-profit is included. Brian has chosen HACAP food bank. Not being from the area, he poked around at a few other places, but landed on this food bank after talking with a few locals.

Growing up, he had dreams of being a cowboy. Many western television shows had influenced him, but he unfortunately never achieved that. However, he was able to sculpt his own future and now continues to help up-and-coming businesses do that as well. One final note he left was that employees make working here what they want it to be. No cookie cutter in sight here.

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