BIGGER THAN US Spotlight: Sydney Greiner

Posted by Luke Maiers on

Veteran Team Member Crushes Her Work and Lends a Hand When Needed.

Success can be defined by many things. For some it is money, titles, or fame. For others it is about the work that they do and the impact they have on others. If you ask around Bazooka, Sydney Greiner is one of those people. 

She joined our Bazooka Farmstar family around five years ago, and outside of being a marketing ninja, she has always been one to jump in to help others when they need it. This does not only go for her Bazooka family, but her friends, family, and community as well. Which is why it will come as no surprise that Sydney is being recognized with the BIGGER THAN US GAMECHANGER Award.

What started as an internship in 2015, has grown and evolved into a product marketing specialist role. She spends a lot of her time researching the industry and competitive environment and uses that knowledge to create tools for the sales team and dealer network representatives to set them up for success. When she isn’t conducting product research or rolling out a new product launch, she taps into her creative side by producing videos, writing content, and visiting customers to capture photos that make our equipment stand out.

Sydney has a passion for a lot of different things. Her work is one, but she cares about the Washington area where she grew up. Her work with Washington’s Night to Shine by the Tim Tebow Foundation is one of the many volunteer opportunities she takes on. This yearly event gives those with special needs a prom night experience to remember. She uses her videography background to capture the night, so those in attendance (and the entire community) can relive this incredible experience time and time again.


She has also coached youth basketball teams, been a running buddy for Girls on the Run the last three years, and teaches classes at the local YMCA.

“One quote that has always resonated with me is, ‘be the reason someone’s day takes a turn for the better,’” Sydney said. “That is one of the main drivers behind my passion to volunteer and give back to a community that has given me so much. I think doing good is important and I believe that even the smallest gestures make a difference.”

This is exactly what our “BIGGER THAN US” mentality stands for. We understand there is more to life than just the work that we do.

Because of her involvement with the local YMCA, she has decided to give her Gamechanger Award donation of $100 to the organization. This half marathon running, push-it-to-the-limit, fitness fanatic challenges herself and others daily. She truly wants to see everyone succeed, which is one of the reasons she has agreed to be a pacer for the upcoming Kewash Trail Half Marathon. She credits part of her ability to push others to their full potential to the team leaders she's had at Bazooka. Throughout her career, her leaders have empowered her to step out of her comfort zone and take on challenges she didn't think she could overcome, which has ultimately led to her personal growth and the overall success of her team.

Sydney and friends following a race

“If I have an idea or want to take on a new project, Eric Hahn (managing partner) has more of a ‘prove to me why this is going to make us better’ mentality, rather than just saying no because we've never done it before,” Sydney said. “You are part of the process and you get to help make the business better than it was the day before.”

How does the saying go? 'If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.' We think this applies here. Effort is something Sydney has never lacked. If she says she's going to do something, she takes it head-on and doesn’t half-*ss it. 

“There have been a handful of people in my life that have set the standard for me,” Sydney said, “and have shown me first-hand, how big of an impact a single person can have on someone’s life. I strive to be that positive impact in someone else's life through lending a hand wherever and whenever I can, or even just by flashing a simple smile. You never know how much someone might need it.”


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