BE SAFE Spotlight: Uriah Rugg

Posted by Luke Maiers on

Leading By Example is One Reason Uriah is a GAMECHANGER.

Every day we take the day on, but first, we put on our steel-toed boots and safety glasses. These measures are our top priorities at Bazooka Farmstar. We want everyone to go home after work the same way or better than when they came in.

Uriah Rugg stands out as someone that leads the safety charge, and that is why he is the BE SAFE Gamechanger for this quarter.

Starting as a part-time employee nearly three years ago, it didn’t take him long to see the growth potential and become a permanent member of our team. He now serves as our head service technician and interacts with our end-users whenever they need assistance.

Uriah works hands-on with our equipment every day and typically when time is of the essence. One slip-up could cost him or others around him, which is why he always uses the same precautions in the field as he does the plant.

Recently, he showed a few coworkers how to properly store some items, and this led to us discovering a flaw in our process. He leads by example and credit to him for improving the way we work.

“No one should come to work worrying about what could happen to them throughout the day,” he said. “As long as everyone does what they are supposed to, everything should be alright at the end of their shift.”

Uriah has a year and a half old son at home, so this drives him to do things the right way during the workday. He said he doesn’t want to miss a minute of him growing up, and Bazooka wants that for him.

He truly embodies our core values, which is why it is no surprise he is becoming a regular Gamechanger winner. This is the second time this year he is being recognized.

Both times he has chosen to donate his $100 to the Washington County Fair Association. This is driven by Uriah’s love for farming and the outdoors. As a kid, he was heavily involved in 4-H and the county fair. He hopes that his donations will help give kids today the same experiences he had growing up.


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