BE SAFE Spotlight: Dirk Alspach

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Safety Comes to Forefront of Attention Thanks to BE SAFE GAMECHANGER Dirk Alspach.


Would you want to wake up every morning, go to work, and expect to get hurt on the job? Yeah, we didn’t think you would. Over the last couple of years at Bazooka, safety has been brought to the front of the line of concerns. We want to make sure our employees go home every day the same way they came in.

The human resources department has been leading the push, and Dirk Alspach, HR Assistant, has been making sure the company has been practicing what it preaches which has landed him the BE SAFE GAMECHANGER award.

Over two years ago, Dirk joined the Bazooka family in the plant working in the machine shop. After hanging around there for a while, he was searching for something more in the company. Bazooka, promoting employee growth like usual, found him a role on the HR team.

Being focused on safety is part of his position and he enjoys that he plays a part in making sure they get to go home at the end of every day. Attitudes among the employees have changed vastly which instantly made a difference. Dirk credits HR Manager Amanda Russell with the complete culture shift. He just genuinely loves what he is a part of.

“I look forward to coming to work every day. There is truly no other place I’d rather be. This is how I support my family.”

There is no ordinary day for Dirk. Some days he helps with payroll, interviews, or handles challenges as they pop up.

Getting his toes wet in the wicked world of adulthood, he graduated from college with a ministry degree. He always felt like this was part-time work, so he worked another job for support. A little back and forth happened over the next couple of years before he stumbled across a Bazooka ad in the paper looking for workers. One final time, he called his preaching career quits and picked up his safety glasses.

Now in the agriculture business, he recalled helping his neighbor on their farm which made him want to be a farmer. It’s amazing how stuff comes full circle, isn’t it?

Dirk isn’t done looking out for others as he is donating his GAMECHANGER award to the local homeless shelter. He wants to help those who need it and has heard good things about this not-for-profit.

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