Another Group Joins Exclusive Unveiling Club

Posted by Luke Maiers on

Sneak Peeks Continue at Bazooka!

Week two of our Unveiling event has come and gone. 11 more people are now part of an exclusive club that has seen new products and improvements with our Bazooka Farmstar equipment. These releases will not be made public for a few months yet, but five (!!!) more events are scheduled to take place every Thursday through February. Get a spot while you still can!

We were up and at ‘em early for this week’s shift. Attendees arrived right before 8 a.m. for a little breakfast on us catered by Z’s Catering and BBQ. Then, the show got underway. After a short introduction by Managing Partner Eric Hahn, our engineers revealed what they have been working on.

“Simplicity and efficiency,” Jeff Huber, design engineer for Bazooka, said. “These are simple machines and improvements. When I say efficient, we are able to put more than double the amount of gallons per minute. These are going to work faster and do a better job.”

Seven products and improvements were revealed with each one having a different engineer lead the conversation. A lot of this week’s attendees were pretty happy with what was unveiled.

“It definitely gets you thinking about how you can improve your system and how you can improve your flow of workforces,” Dereck Karasch, Fiedler Pumping and Sales, said. “It gets everybody back into the game of wanting to pump sh*t.”

“We are big into some of the new improvements,” Isaac Eaton said. “The new features are so easy to use. This was well worth our time. Everything we got to see that you guys (Bazooka) are working on, it’s well worth coming.”

Our engineers have been working tirelessly for months innovating new ideas for our products. Their thoughts paired with suggestions by our customers have pushed us in the right direction.IMG_3323

“I think Bazooka is always trying to go above and beyond, take that next step, and I think they have a lot of good qualities going forward,” Karasch said. “Hopefully, they continue to grow and fine-tune everything.”

Each sign-up comes with a free SWAG bag with Bazooka branded items, a meal, and a tour of our manufacturing facility if you want to see what’s happening behind our doors. Our one request is that your ‘John Hancock’ go on a non-disclosure agreement so nothing gets leaked out.

“It’s a perfect opportunity to learn about Bazooka Farmstar with respect to our latest products, manufacturing facility, and some of the people behind it all. We’re constantly improving and changing our products and processes, so even if you’ve been here before, you’ll take something new through this experience,” Phil Minino, director of engineering, said.

Need a little more motivation to join in? Let us give you an idea what is coming.

If you want to join our club and see what we are working on before it gets revealed to the public, get started here. These events are every Thursday through February, only five remain, and are filling up fast!